[Cover Reveal] Howl At The Moon BY Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

Howl At The Moon
Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson
DEC 5th


Her head tilts slightly as she
Opens her mouth to restore the
Warrior’s chorus of her
Loup destiny
Kama DeKosse thought the most exciting thing
about her senior year would be a solo recital at Julliard.  That was before she found out her werewolf
lineage and was forced to take a Rite of passage to stay with her pack in
Central Park. Kama began to feel the constraints of trying to simultaneously
live in both the human and Loup worlds.
In the human world, she was still a child with little choice.  In the Loup, she became an adult, and with
that title, the expectations to fully participate as a member of the pack.
Jack Twist revelled in the success that
allowed Kama to stay with him. Just when he relaxed, his Park was attacked and
he was forced to take a Spirit Quest that tested him and subjected him to pain
he thought left behind. He is forced to make decisions that might save his pack
but would mean leaving the woman he loves.


Kama travelled to learn about her heritage
from the family she had never known existed. This only caused more tension with
a Pack who questioned her loyalty and with her loved ones who don’t understand
all that being Loup entails.  Only the
threat of war called her back and she prepared to go into a battle, uncertain
if this was a fight she could win.


Jennifer Fisch- Ferguson has been writing
and publishing fantasy stories since
2003. Publishing credits include short fiction, writing contests and
She attended the Eastern Michigan University
and graduated with a B.A in African American History and promptly went to work
with AmeriCorps on a literary initiative. She went to the University of
Michigan and got her Master’s degree in Public Administration in 2008 and while
she finished writing her thesis, also got a Masters in English – Composition
and Rhetoric in 2009. She recently is working on her PhD at Michigan State
University in the field of Writing and Rhetoric. She has been teaching
collegiate and community writing classes since 2003 and loves the variety and
inspiration her students bring.
She currently is finishing her trilogy and
dutiful writes on her blog space about her journey. She is excitedly expanding
her ever developing world and looks forward to the new adventures waiting to be
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