[Review] 3am – Nick Pirog

3am Book Cover 3am
Nick Pirog
8 oct 2013

Henry Bins has Henry Bins.

A sleeping disorder, named after him.

He is awake for one hour a day.

He wakes up at 3 a.m. then falls asleep at 4 a.m.

Life is simple.

Until he hears the woman scream.

And sees the man leave the house across the street.

But not just any man.

The President of the United States.

My Review

This was a great read, only took me so long as had to deal with 3 kids lol 

Henry Bins sleeps for 23 hours a day, and in that 1 hour window that he is awake he witnesses a murder… This is great original story that keeps you hooked as to how he can get to the bottom of it all with only a 1 hour time frame each day. 

For such a short story there was so much packed into it, with so many twists and turns I was actually amazed at how Nick managed to make this story stick with main character only having that 1 hour window.




I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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