[Review] Corpus Christi (The Legacy Chronicles #1) – Luke Romyn

Corpus Christi (The Legacy Chronicles #1) Book Cover Corpus Christi (The Legacy Chronicles #1)
The Legacy Chronicles
Luke Romyn
Luke Romyn
February 26th 2013
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Haunted by the toxic memories of a torturous foster-father, Jacob Hope yearns to make a difference in a world gone awry, trying to accomplish some small scrap of good in an ocean of wrong. Tumbling through life with no true direction, Jake unwittingly reveals a nightmare.

The gates of Hell have been unlocked, and something long imprisoned has broken loose from its shackles to roam free upon the Earth. It cannot be bargained with, it cannot be defeated, and it exists with only desolation in its heart....

Longing to confront such evil but not knowing how, Jake must embark upon a journey not only of destination, but of self-discovery. In his attempts to thwart a fallen angel, Jake must also come to grips with his own part in this almighty drama.

For above it all haunts the legacy, a prophecy of who Jake truly is:

Christ reborn - the new messiah.

For all this took me a while to read – which was nothing to do with the book itself, more tiredness from looking after two kids etc – it was a wild ride from the very start that when I did get moments to myself to read I was engulfed in Romyns’ vivid descriptions of events that were happening.

Whilst I am in now way shape or form religious, and since religions is somewhat of a taboo, this story did make me think, even though it pure fiction who is to say that it may never happen?

John Hope, the main character is basically having a hard time coming to terms with the fact hat he is Christ reborn and tasked with the momentous burden of saving humanity from Armageddon.

Pretty tall order for a simple guy right? He must convince not only himself but others through out his quest to stop this happening.

The book will suck you in with you are religious or not and it will definite  get you thinking for sure.

I cannot wait to read book two in the series.


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