[Blitz] Personal Escort by Ainsley Booth

Personal Escort

by Ainsley Booth
Billionaire Secrets #2
Publication Date: October 24, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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She needs a face fiancé. He’s secretly falling in love.

Cara Russo needs to get married. Or at least, make it look like she got married.
Toby Hunt can’t let his best friend’s little sister rush into anything foolish. So when she needs to hire an escort, he says he’ll take care of it.
Now he’s waiting for her at St. George Station.

This billionaire rom com modern fairy tale was originally published in the Love in Transit anthology. It has been expanded for single title publication.

The Billionaire Secrets series
Personal Delivery – Jake and Jana
Personal Escort – Toby and Cara
Personal Disaster – Marcus and Poppy (currently available in the Rogue Desire anthology)
Personal Interest – Ben and Skye, coming soon



“I can’t stop thinking about our kiss,” Cara whispers into her phone. “How if things were
different, it might have been the start of something.”
I fold myself into the armchair in the corner and lean back, closing my eyes as she talks. I
picture the words sliding over her lips.
Don’t think about her mouth.
Too late.
“Why did even we stop kissing? That was a mistake. You could have taken me back to
your hotel that night, you know. We could have done so much more…”
I swallow hard. If I say something, if I push the conversation where I want it to go, she
might stop me. If I say something, I might stop me. The spell might snap and I’d realize how
stupid an idea this is.
You know how stupid—
I turn off my brain because thinking is definitely going to ruin this moment. “That’s
exactly what would have happened, too. I’d have done everything to you that night. Kissed
every last inch of your body and made you scream my name.”
If I thought that would shock her, I underestimated her. She makes a soft, sweet sound
of acquiescence instead. “Yes…”
One word. All I needed to hear, and my blood is pounding. This isn’t how I was going to
do this. Tomorrow, I’m going to show her everything in my heart that I’ve foolishly held back.
Tonight, though, I can share other secrets I’ve kept from her. Every dirty desire she’s
enflamed, every secret fantasy I hope to play out together.

About Ainsley Booth

Mom by day and filthy romance writer by night, Ainsley is super grateful for caffeine, banana and blueberry muffins, and yoga pants. She is the USAT bestselling author of Prime Minister and Hate F*@k, and also writes sexy small town and military romance as Zoe York.

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