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Book: Crazy Perfection
Series: DJ Series #3
Author: Helen J Barnes
Genre: Contemporary
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As a vocal artist Shazza Duncan knows she owns the top spot in London’s EDM music industry, in every other aspect of her life she knows she is doomed to fail.

You would think some of her career success comes from her privileged upbringing and her very expensive private education, but you would be dead wrong. Her family have ridiculously high expectations and loathe Shazza’s career choices. Her only escape from their oppression is in the studio and clubs, feeding off the high energy of her DJ friends and clubbers. Her family and their constant disapproval leaves Shazza feeling unworthy and struggling to form relationships with anyone.

When DJ Adam Chapman signs a contract to work with Shaz he has no qualms about making it blatantly obvious he wants her and will stop at nothing to tame the crazy club lover and make her his own. But Shazza faces some of life’s hardest challenges and, as much as she wants him, she fears any relationship between them will suffer when the proverbial mic falls and everything goes to shit.

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There is no doubt about it. These after parties are about three things.
1. DJ’s bargaining and sucking up to one another, hoping to bag themselves a future gig.
2. Clubbers wanting to do drugs freely without security confiscating it. The mission; getting fucked up beyond all recognition.
3. Getting laid.
So why am I here? Truth be told, I don’t really know. I used to be the one on the kitchen island that the guys did body shots off of. Tara and I have been to hundreds of these after parties and had more fun than you can possibly imagine. Once we even drank until we were simultaneously vomiting into the ‘his and hers’ sinks in the master suites bathroom. I smile at the memory and look to the friends I’m here with. Everyone is going to pair up again, but me. I sit drinking myself into a daze where I’m just happily people watching, joining in conversation when something snags my attention. Then someone crashing down next to me on the sofa pulls me back to the here and now with a bump. Literally. I jab my elbow into the idiot’s ribs and wipe the vodka off my fishnet covered legs.
“Will you watch what you’re doing you numb nuts?” I grumble and look up to see Adam grinning like an idiot, albeit a very sexy idiot.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. You’re sat here like a freakin’ nun while the rest of us are showing you how it’s done. I thought you were the party starter, Shaz?”
The smug look on his face makes me smile. I suppose I deserve that one.
“I am. I just like a few drinks to get warmed up.”
“Well you have been nursing that bottle of voddy for almost an hour. How about you show me how you really get this party jumpin’ Xtreem style?” The gold flecks in his molten brown eyes flash in the disco lights and dare me to do something crazy. I’ve never been one to back out of a challenge and with all the alcohol I’ve consumed I’m feeling crazy.
“Fine. You get comfortable, Adam. I’ll show you how to mix it up,” I whisper into his ear before standing. I wobble on my heels, the blood and booze rushing to my head. I run my hands through my chin length black bob and square my shoulders before flashing him a wink and making my way to the DJ booth.

About The Author

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Helen J. Barnes has been writing since 2014 and kicked off the year with The Learning Curve, the first novel in the Inner Strength Series, followed up by A Rising Angel. She is also the Author of the DJ Series. The Final Note, Disrespectful Diva and Crazy Perfection is due to be released October 2015.

Married to a DJ/Producer and record label manager, she has three children and was born and raised in Nottinghamshire, UK.

When not writing Helen enjoys reading and home educating her children when they’re not holidaying on the east coast of England. She has unhealthy addiction to Ian Somerhalder, Tom Hardy, chocolate, anything tie dyed and is obsessed with all things Titanic related.

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