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Dragon’s Blood
(Midnight Crest Series #2)
Aleisha Maree
Release Date: 14 November 2017
Publisher: Susan Horsnell
Cover Designer: Susan Horsnell
Genre: Paranormal, Shapeshifter


My name is Silas and I’m half wolf half New Zealand Maori. Crystal white wings with gold flecks fill my mind all day and haunt my dreams my body seeking a mate my mind’s not sure it’s ready for. Closing my eyes as the dark envelops my body at night the chill sinking into my body it doesn’t take long before our minds meet each other in the land of dreams and solace she greets me with

One kiss blown out on forks of lightning… One look from intoxicating purple eyes… Finger tips touching on broken dreams…

I am Mikara the White Dragon Princess  and night after night everytime I close my eyes this chant forms along with the vision of piercing eyes that have the ability to change with shards of white slicing through them captures me more, they are so haunting and yet feel like home. Could this be the soul my body seeks out in the midst of my dreams. A body that stands tall lean and is covered in some kind of tribal ink not like the patterns that kiss my skin but still just as mesmerizing. And sends this soul consuming chant out to me night after night.

“Me and you we could make the whole world jealous.


Author Bio: 

Hi beautiful souls I’m  Aleisha Maree and I write  contemporary romance, with a dark erotic sexy side and a paranormal twist. Also I write a MC Series. I am a wife to an amazing man who is the love of my life that is my soul mate in this crazy world & I am mother bear to 6 little hell hounds as other wise known as my kids ha ha that mean more to me than breathing in this world. I am from a small village called Wakefield in the South Island of New Zealand it’s the most beautiful stunning place to live in this world. I have had a remarkable childhood with people who are still by my side who are part of my world of crazy.

Reading and getting lost in the world of words and peoples remarkable thoughts has always been the greatest form of escape and the most magical journey for me. I have installed my love for reading into my children with a home overflowing with books.

I have spent the last 15 years being a mother, wife and until now have put my writing and the amazing voices of these hot alphas and ladies in lace on the back burner but with life slowing down just a little and the kiddies just about all off too school, the voices got louder and wanted to come out and play so with that being said enjoy them and the ride it’s sure to be a fun one.

There will be happily ever afters as well as intense dark loves devils and demons with angels thrown in here and there.

This is going to be an epic journey through my mind so I hope you enjoy the chaos.


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