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  • April 15, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Hi, because you say that the form is broken, I’m asking here.
    I’m looking to see if I can find anyone who is willing to review a PDF, Epub or .mobi of my 44k word sci-fi leaning paranormal/fantasy book called The Illumination Query and post the review in June when I’m crowdfunding it’s publication.
    If you want to get an overview of the story, there’s a fairly complete explanation of it here: I stopped the original campaign before it ran it’s course because I had initially started it without having any way of publicizing the project. I would like to have a way to get people aware of the book when I re-open it.
    Sarah Baethge (

  • April 28, 2018 at 10:42 pm

    Title: This Does Not Leave This House
    Author: Julie Coons
    Publisher: Indie
    Genre: Biography/Memoir
    Release Date: January 13, 2018
    Length of book: 178 pages
    Formats: Paper back and ebook
    Amazon link:

    Dear Fee,

    I can see you write a very busy blog and I was hoping you would have time to review my book, “This Does Not Leave This House.” If not, I am certainly open to other promotional opportunities such as guest posts, giveaways or interviews.
    Here is a little blurb/description about my book: I wrote my book about my life. The title is a quote from my father. I am finally telling all the secrets I was never allowed to tell. I was threatened into silence growing up. My mother was abusive, narcissistic and liked to whisper in my ear how I was going to find her dead when I got home from school. I went to Catholic school in the 60’s and I was abused there as well. I was left handed and that was frowned upon in those days. It’s a very interesting story how I even came to write this book. It took me two years to finish. I hired a professional editor/formatter so I was assured it would be better for my readers and have a more professional look. I really wanted it to be perfect as well as a page turner. I have been told I accomplished this. I was told by one reader that she couldn’t put it down and it was an emotional rollercoaster to read. She said she cried then laughed, cried and laughed all over again. I’m even amazed at all the things I experienced in my life after writing this book. I am hoping to inspire positive change in the world and help others heal through my story and find meaning to their own suffering.

    Here is a small description of the book: “How does a little girl survive an abusive mother, Catholic school, rape and a near-death experience? Raised by an abusive mother (who once tried to trick her into having an abortion), Julie Coons was also raped in college by a stranger and later married an abusive man who threatened to kill her if she ever tried to leave. This book is her true story, telling all the secrets she was never allowed to tell to encourage and motivate others to heal their own lives and break the cycle of abuse. Read the heartbreaking true story of her journey to triumph above overwhelming obstacles.”
    Thank you for considering my book. It would be an honor if you chose me!

  • May 24, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    I am requesting a review for my most unusual murder/suspense novel, Drunken Angel, and offering it for free to you and your followers. I can also send you info separately. Charles Stoll, author of Sorry and Morticum, The Time Thief, and Enigma, is offering his latest novel, Drunken Angel, for free on Amazon from Mon., 5/28/18-Fri., 6/01/18.

    I would like your readers to meet Daisy Perlman, the uneducated, unloved daughter of a whore. Lacking any comfort or trust in her life, she develops a philosophy of life from her walks through the woods. She makes many mistakes due to her circumstances, including murder, but she becomes the best loved murderer and one of the most respected citizens in the town of Marmalade. Later in life, as Daisy matures, she regrets her former behavior but can’t stop. She sees herself as an equalizer. It is precisely Daisy’s ignorance of the civilized world and her lust for life that will make you love her, too.

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