[Author Interview] Life Lived Not Lost: A Journey of Hope by Cynthia Staton

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Victoria Taylor Staton’s life was a… Life Lived Not Lost ~ a journey of hope.
Cynthia Staton’s life was in turmoil, then Christ saved her. Life was perfect. She and her beloved daughter, Victoria shared the same belief in God. But seven short months after Cynthia was saved, her daughter lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis, and God called her home.
Cynthia struggled with not only missing her daughter, but losing her bible teacher. Victoria taught the Word of God to Cynthia in a way that showcased God’s perfect love for His children. That profound understanding carried Cynthia through the devastation, knowing she’d see her daughter again one day, in Heaven, and that Victoria’s time on Earth was a….
Life Lived Not Lost ~ A journey of hope.



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Cynthia Staton I am a Christian, wife and mother. I have four children from the oldest Stephen 25, James 24, Victoria passed away at the age of 16. She would have been 21, then we have our last son who is 10. I have been married for 18 years to my husband Michael. I never wanted to do anything other than being a mother, but my faith lead me to write and speak on the enduring love God has for us. Without God I wouldn’t have been able to deal with my daughter passing. Victoria always said take the leap daddy always caught me Jesus will always catch you. It took me 37 years to listen and understand. I didn’t choose to write God did. I started writing after my daughter Victoria passed away for therapy. I also wrote on the 9th of each month. Victoria passed away on November 9th 2012. I am an inspirational writer. I chose this because I saw the help I was doing for others just writing on the 9th of each month. I really believe God had this in His plan the whole time. I started writing my book in 2014, I don’t remember the date. It was a hard book to write. I have only the one book so far and I feel it will always be my favorite. I don’t get writers block. I know what I want to write it is always the opening line. I usually just talk out loud to who ever will listen then the next thing I know I am writing I am in a collaboration and quite a few anthologies. I love to see what people think about what I wrote. I am not trying to shove Christianity down someone’s throat when they read my book. I just want people to see how I changed my life. That is why I give a quick look at my life in the beginning of my book. Life Lived Not Lost a journey of hope It is a true journey.


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