[Blog tour & Review] Forbidden by Rachel Madbury

Title: Forbidden
Series: Surrender Series #2
Author: Rachel Madbury
Genre: Adult Romance Suspense
Published: December 10, 2015
The whole time Graciella was getting to know Alexander he had a secret. She could never have known just how much his past, and the truth about who he really is, would change everything between them. But now that his secret has been revealed Grace is more determined than ever to keep his ghosts from haunting them any longer.
But it’s not just his past they’ve got to contend with…
When more unexplainable occurrences shatter the newfound peace of Grace’s coastal home Alexander goes to great lengths, and takes drastic steps, to try and ensure her safety as they continue to unravel the mystery of what happened to her mother in that same house so many years ago.

Can Grace help Alexander let go of his dark past? Will Alexander be able to protect the only person who’s ever truly known him?


After we learn the truth about Alex’s past which I was shocked at, at the end off book we 1, we see Grace stand by her man. And I am glad that she did, though I think it would have been hard given his past, but I love how they are together.
This book sees them plagued obstacle after obstacle that is trying to come between them, we see them love and protect each other and with the mystery surrounding Grace’s mother, this is book that I couldn’t get enough off!
Rachel Madbury is a new to me author and she has done a fantastic job with this series, the characters, the plot the whole shebang!
Loved it and wait to read more
5 stars


Rachel Madbury is a New Hampshire based writer of sexy love stories. Her modern romances are filled with strong women and the men that are lucky enough to cross their paths. Perhaps the last to admit to being a hopeless romantic at heart, Rachel was a latecomer to the romance genre. These days she’s having a blast making up for lost time.
When not tapping away at her keyboard or devouring the latest release from her own favorite authors, she loves to be outside or road-tripping around gorgeous New England.
Almost as much fun as writing her romance novels is keeping up with her readers. If you’d like to connect with Rachel online you can find her at https://www.facebook.com/rachelmadbury


“Cleverly constructed and sensitively written this is a book that you will find hard to put down and even harder to put into words.”~Books Laid Bare (Forsaken) 

“Forsaken was a great read. Besides being an adult romance I loved the suspense and mystery through out the book. For a new young author I think Rachel has great potential, can’t wait for book 2!!!!”~Amazon Reviewer (Forsaken) 
“Great book! An engaging story that is thought provoking as it explores delicate situations. The characters are well developed and layered in such a way that you want to know more. Cannot wait for the second book in the series to see what happens to Grace and Alex!”~Amazon Reviewer (Forsaken)


 This was a story that had me hooked from the start and still asking questions when I reached the end.
Graceilla or Grace as likes to be called learns that she has inherited her mothers house in Maine after he death, she hasn’t seen her mother in over 15 years so she is planning on renovating the house then moving on.
Alexander is the architect who is dealing when the renovations. There is something about him and his past that he is trying to keep from Grace and being all cryptic about. It is clear that there is a chemistry between them from the very first time they meet. His business partner Rob is a different kettle of fish all together  – there is just something off about him, but I don’t know why or what as he isn’t really a big character and I hope we get more him in the next book.
When we evenrtually find out about Alex’s past it was not what I was expecting at all! By this point Grace and Alex have advanced in their relationship and this could be the end of something that I feel would be great for both of them.
Cant wait to read book 2!!
5 stars



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