#BlogTour She’s Back by Lisa Unwin & Deb Khan #LoveBooksTours

#BlogTour She’s Back by Lisa Unwin & Deb Khan

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She’s Back
by Lisa Unwin & Deb Khan



Women’s careers twist and turn. Women step back or step away for so many reasons. Then, let’s face it, returning is tough.

Whether you are coming back after a break, or looking to ramp up a level, this book is an essential guide and helps you succeed.

You’ll learn the truth about how the recruitment market really works; how to craft a narrative that explains your value; mobilise a network to support your ambitions and find work that will work for you.

Examples of real women’s struggles and winning strategies provide inspiration and will enthuse you about how to make your own comeback.

Lisa and Deb draw on years of research across several different sectors and their experience of working with and listening to the stories of thousands of women to provide a fresh, pragmatic and above all useful handbook for today’s fast evolving job market.

In a world of #MeToo and Time’s Up, She’s Back. And so are you.

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It’s tough out there. Whether you’re looking to return to work after a break, changing direction completely, or stepping up again after stepping back, for whatever reason, be under no illusion – it can be a slog.

We are bringing some data to the table. Evidence about what’s happening today and information about what you need to do to reignite your career. We use real life stories as inspiration for what’s possible, and have gathered hints, tips, strategies and tactics to help you make your return a success.


Women need and want to work. They’ve trained for it, they’re good at it. They like it. Fact. Many women regularly shine at work. But here’s the rub: many women also want children. Always have, always will. They may often take on the bulk of caring responsibilities when family members are struck by ill health as well. Turns out they’re pretty good at that too.

For thousands of women work and family may not mix. A lack of flexibility at work forces their hand. The prohibitive cost of childcare means work doesn’t pay. Too many women are forced to choose. Worse still, when circumstances change, and they are in a position to return, they find their way back blocked.

The result? Talented, well-trained, brilliant women find themselves on the bench, unable to secure well paid, fulfilling and challenging work.

Surely we should have this fixed by now? Not just for women, but for their partners, employers and families. It can be different.

This book nails what’s happening now and why. It pinpoints why, despite all the rhetoric and well-meaning initiatives, we still see thousands of women leaving successful careers in their droves. And it outlines a way forward.

It’s underpinned by our qualitative and quantitative research, conducted across a range of sectors, which tells the story of thousands of women who feel unable to fulfil their potential.

It’s inspired by the words of amazing women who contributed to that research:

“I’m 40 years old; my kids are 10 and 12; I have twenty years to make a discernible impact. Where do I go? What do I do? Who do I talk to? How do I get back in the game?”

It’s also for younger women who are looking ahead and can’t see anyone balancing work and family in a way they aspire to. Women who want to see that working life doesn’t end after kids. It’s for the younger women who think this will never happen to them. And it’s for anyone – man or woman – who hopes to find both meaning and balance in their working lives.

About the Authors

Lisa Unwin is the founder of She’s Back, a business whose purpose is to enable business to access the unique talent in women returning to work after an extended career break. A former partner with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and Director of Brand and Communication at Deloitte, Lisa had a 20 year career in professional services prior to setting up She’s Back.

Deb Khan combines two successful careers, leveraging her background in the creative arts. She has a proven track record affecting change across a wide range of businesses in the Advertising & Media, Technology, Charity & Education sectors. Deb is a results driven Trainer, Workshop Leader, Facilitator & Coach.




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