#BlogTour The Painter by Deidre Quiery #LoveBooksTours

#BlogTour The Painter by Deidre Quiery

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The Painter
by Deidre Quiery
Genre: Thriller


In a desire to impress the people who visit his workshop, renowned artist The Painter, employs a gardener to create an inspirational landscape which includes a labyrinth, an orange grove and Moorish-inspired fountains. They develop an intimate relationship and the Painter, whose life and talent had become increasingly dissipated, finds himself slowly recovering his original innocence and talent. However, the relationship is tainted by the Painter’s jealousy when visitors express more interest in the magical garden and mysterious labyrinth than in the Painter’s art. That jealously blossoms into deadly rage when The Painter catches the gardener changing one of his paintings…. Deirdre Quiery’s compelling new thriller explores themes of love, life and deceit, and examines the lengths we will go to pursue and protect our passions.

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Wednesday 4th October 2017

The rain falls gently on the ground – a kiss pressing itself into the earth. Ishmael stares at me from the fountain. Did I really kill him? His eyes filled with horror from the last breath that he took. I want to close his eyelids, but I can’t bring my hands to touch him again. Did I hold him under the water of the fountain, or had he slipped beneath my fingers? I don’t remember.

It is strange that you can love someone in such a way that it turns to hate. I suppose that means that it is never love. Hate is something passionate and consuming. Why is it that we also say that about love?

  Why did I have to kill Ishmael to know what love is? There’s the paradox if only I could understand it. I don’t think I loved anyone before meeting him and yet in the act of murder I knew that I loved Ishmael.

  Why am I writing a journal? Why do I not instead paint viscerally as Picasso did in his response to the bombing of Guernica? It would be possible for me to paint my anguish, despair and disgust at myself.


About the Author

Belfast born Deirdre Quiery is based in Mallorca where she runs Seven Rocks Consulting. Not just a writer, Deirdre has not only painted with Argentinian artist Carlos Gonzalez in Palma and Natalia Spitale in Soller, she is also a winner of the Alexander Imich Prize in the US for writing about exceptional human experiences, and the Birmingham Trophy Prize in the UK. The Painter is her third novel for Urbane following the Irish thriller Eden Burning and murder mystery The Secret Wound.




I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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