#BookishBlogHop Do you like it when books become movies?

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Today’s question is:
Do you like it when books become movies?

Yes if done right with the right casting and the story is as close to the book as possible in the movie version. Having said that I don’t tend to do the whole book to movie thing as discussed the other day here.

Now lets see what the others have to say:

Views She Writes https://viewsshewrites.wordpress.com

Earlier, I used to. It was fun trying to imagine a character through books and then watch them come alive on screens. But lately none of the adaptations are as good as the books, so I no longer prefer movies based on books.

Brandy Potter www.brandypotterbooks.com

That would depend on the movie. A well done movie yes I love it. A poorly done one then no I hate it.

Valerie @ Cats Luv Coffee www.catsluvcoffeez.blogspot.com

Almost never. There are so many details that the movie has to leave out due to time constraints. When they gloss over certain things that you know having read the book, you just feel cheated.

Leslie Conzatti www.upstreamwriter.blogspot.com

*sigh*Here’s the thing. Movie adaptations are great when they are casted well and written well–which means the original author is very involved in the production process (either as a consultant, producer, or screenwriter)–and they are terrible when the producers and the directors decide to take it in another direction. Films like The Princess Bride and Stardust, for example, had the benefit of the original authors being intimately involved–and it shows, because the movies are fantastic and accurate to the book. (Well, the former more so than the latter… but the core story of Stardust stays the same, and the necessary details are all there) Film adaptations like Timeline or I Am Number Four were not as careful about remaining faithful to the source material, and the casting/character choices they made were so wildly different from the original, or too many important details were glossed over and left out for the sake of staged drama and special effects–so cases like that, I don’t much care for. But I love when an adaptation gets it right, because then I have visual images to picture every time I read the book!

Jo Linsdell www.JoLinsdell.com

Yes. I love to see what they do with the adaption. Sure, the book is nearly always better than the film, but it’s still fun seeing it come to life. There are certain books I’ve read that even as I was reading them I was already hoping they would make a film or TV series version.

Eline lovelyaudiobooks.info
Yes, I like revisiting the story from someone else’s perspective. I loved The Lord of the Rings. Of course, some things were left out. But I found it fascinating to experience Middle Earth on the screen. And now there are the American Gods and Good Omens series, both produced by Neil Gaiman. And they’re so, so good!

Great answers ladies! Be sure to check tomorrows stop over at Views She Writes https://viewsshewrites.wordpress.com where we will be answering the question ” What book is next on your list to read?

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3 thoughts on “#BookishBlogHop Do you like it when books become movies?

  • June 30, 2019 at 11:08 pm

    I actually enjoy when books become movies – as long as I manage to see the movie first. Too often things that are more or less “necessary” for the story in my opinion are left out OR things are changed and it’s obvious. So I usually like to see the movie before the book if possible.

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