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#BlogTour Eden Interrupted by @BevHarvey_

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Eden Interrupted
by Beverly Harvey
Women’s Fiction

90s popstar Ben Wilde and his bride Lisa return from honeymoon to find a cuckoo in the nest and a surprise European tour in the diary.

Lisa befriends neighbour Rosemary, who is also home alone while husband Nigel travels for work. But will the women’s grim suspicions be confirmed, or does absence make the heart grow paranoid?

In the village, Eden Hill’s coffee shop is under new management with the arrival of divorced Mum, Chloe, and troubled teen son, Jake. But serving flat whites leaves Chloe feeling, well, flat until she meets Caleb, a widowed father of two; if only Jake and Caleb weren’t at loggerheads.

New to Eden Hill are Jan and Martin Bevan, but a frosty reception leaves them wondering if they’ve made a huge mistake.

From the writer of Seeking Eden, Eden Interrupted is another sizzling slice-of-life drama where paths (and swords) cross, and misunderstandings abound. Perfect for fans of Fiona Gibson and Marian Keyes.

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The Wildes

Feeling more fifteen than fifty-four, Ben took a last drag of his Marlboro Light before stuffing the tip into Lisa’s petunias. She’d go ape if she knew he was smoking again, he thought, hearing the distinctive throb of her car as it pulled onto the drive.

After a quick spritz of breath freshener, Ben went inside, inhaling the smell of freshly ground coffee mixed with the tang of lemon cleaning fluid. He’d joked once that he wouldn’t recognise Lisa without a cloth in her hand and was just considering whether being house proud was a good or bad thing when a delighted yap from Nellie confirmed his wife’s return. ‘I’m back,’ Lisa called as the little Chihuahua trotted at her heels.

With her blonde hair slightly mussed and her face glowing from exercise, Ben thought she looked beautiful. He preferred it when she looked a little undone – too much grooming was less of a turn-on.

‘Hello Mrs Wilde, you’re early.’ Ben kissed her, careful not to exhale.

‘Yes, well I did my spin class, but Tanya couldn’t stay for a coffee afterwards, so here I am. Good session though – I’m knackered. What have you been up to?’ Lisa kicked off her shoes.

‘Nothing,’ Ben answered too quickly.

‘I just meant have you had a good morning? Have you heard from anyone?’

It was becoming a loaded question. Ben shook his head. ‘Coffee?’ he said, busying himself with the shiny Italian machine that Lisa had installed before they’d met.

He hadn’t heard from anyone for several months; Greg Lyons, his manager, and the team at Electra, his publisher-cum-record label, had fallen ominously silent. No Surrender had gently tumbled down and out of the album charts and the phone had simply stopped ringing. It gave Ben a sickening sense of déjà vu that took him right back to the 90s.

‘You look fed up, hon,’ Lisa said, wrapping toned arms around him. ‘I know you’re worried, but something’ll turn up soon – I just know it.’

The telephone warbled. ‘You see?’ she said smiling, ‘Bet that’s Greg now.’ Ben smiled weakly knowing it couldn’t possibly be; all business calls came to his mobile phone.

‘Oh, hi Mum.’ Lisa put her hand over the mouthpiece. ‘It’s Mum,’ she said unnecessarily.

‘You’re where? Oh my god! Really? Oh no … what happened? Oh no! Bless you.’

Ben’s heart sank; one OMG, two oh no’s and a blessing did not bode well.

Pacing, with the phone crooked against her shoulder, Lisa listened a while longer. ‘Alright, I’m on my way,’ she said, before turning to Ben, her blue- green eyes wide.

‘Guess what? Rita’s fallen off her platforms and she’s broken her ankle,’ Lisa said. ‘Babe, she’ll have to stay here for a while – at least until we sort something else out.’

Ben managed to arrange his face into a mask of sympathy but inside he was dismayed. Having Rita in the house would almost certainly burst the post honeymoon love-bubble they’d been floating in.

He raked a hand through long salt and pepper curls and mused how only six weeks earlier they’d said their vows on a windy beach in the Algarve, before partying all night at Andrea’s Bar & Grill with around thirty close friends and family.

Relieved and happy for her kid sister, Andrea had thrown the lavish party free of charge, saying it was her wedding gift to them; Lisa had been deeply touched.

Then they’d hung around for another ten days, taking a secluded villa in the hills which had its own spa, maid service, and an infinity pool that Ben was only out of when he was either eating, sleeping, or making love to his new wife; frequent occurrences on all counts.

He marvelled at how rarely Lisa knocked him back. To Ben’s delight, their love-in continued once they were back in Eden Hill, and with neither of them working much, there was plenty of opportunity.

Now that dynamic looked set to change. Feeling glum at the prospect, but determined not to sulk, Ben drove them to Maidstone Hospital where they liberated Rita from a waiting area filled with patched-up old ladies.

‘Give us a song, Ben, lovely,’ a woman called to him as they passed by, pushing Rita’s wheelchair and looking for signs to the nearest exit.

A fan! Ben rewarded the septuagenarian with his sexiest grin. ‘Not today, gorgeous – on a mission,’ he said. ‘But I’ll sign your magazine if you like.’

The woman clasped her hands and beamed. It was good to know he could still make someone’s day.

About the Author:

For almost thirty years Beverley Harvey has worked in the communications industry. Beverley (Bev to her friends) recently swapped PR campaigns for plot lines and completed her first novel; she continues to supply words for businesses across several sectors. When not writing or reading, Bev enjoys listening to rock and indie music, cooking, baking, and keeping fit. An animal lover she is inspired by nature, art and life’s daily trials and tribulations. Born in Yorkshire, and raised in South London, Beverley now lives in Chichester with her partner.




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