Spirits of the Dead: A Supernatural Adventure (The Christopher Daring Adventures Book 1) by Stephen J Willis #LoveBooksGroupTours

#excerpt Spirits of the Dead by @StephenJWillis #LoveBooksGroupTours

Spirits of the Dead: A Supernatural Adventure
The Christopher Daring Adventures Book
by Stephen J Willis

Throughout the series, Christopher and his friends must overcome various despicable foes as they battle with riddles, codes, creatures of the night, deathly spectres and secret orders, as they go in search of Christopher’s missing brother and father.

Through the darkness of a starless night a tall shadowy figure rode silently along the long wet road. His black cloak flapped about him like the wings of a great vampire bat. Christopher Daring looked on from his bedroom window, both intrigue and suspicion forming the seed of a new adventure.

Once accompanied by his best friend Jason, they embark upon a ghostly trail into the unknown. They soon find themselves fighting for their lives as they become unexpectedly entwined with both the living and the dead.

Upon Jason becoming spiritually trapped and in danger of being lost to the clutches of death itself, Christopher takes up a quest to find a missing golden pocket watch, that should restore balance to the dark forces that surround them all. But, the twisted greed of the local ghostly priest and his demonic hound, Satan, have other ideas.

With an unusual mix of science, technology, cosmology, fantasy fiction and a dash of the spiritual self, the Christopher Daring Adventures is a thrilling ride into the impossible.

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Christopher Daring huddled down further beneath the duvet, as that and his royal blue pyjamas were his only defence against the bitterness that drifted lazily into his bedroom through the ill-fitting windows. Brushing his scruffy blond hair from his eyes, he breathed out heavily and watched his hot breath materialise before him, illuminated in the broken streams of the incoming street lighting.

Waiting, he looked back at the clock’s glowing phosphorescent green hands as they neared midnight. His ears strained, desperately trying to penetrate the silence outside. Any minute, he would hear it, would hear the lonely echo reverberating eerily between the old and tired buildings that sat opposite — ringing out into the night’s silence.

Then, like a blind man guided by only sound, he looked up towards the window, eyes unfocused, as he was sure he heard the whisper of bicycle tyres on the damp road.

He rose, pulling the duvet covers around his shoulders as he quietly made his way over to the bedroom window. Christopher leaned against the windowsill pushing his “12th birthday” badge to one side. Placing his elbows on top he pressed his forehead against the leaded window, trying to see as much of the street below as possible.

Giving-in to the waiting mystery, he quietly lifted the latch and opened the window. Freezing cold air slipped in through the gap and wrapped itself about him like a deadly python.

The ground beneath glistened in the foggy stillness and, just as before, a dark shadow appeared, sliding effortlessly along the road. As it neared the corner, the strange ghostly bicycle itself came into view.

Upon the bicycle sat a tall pale man in a black top hat. As he peddled, his long dark travelling cloak billowed out behind him like the wings of a great vampire bat. The man finally slowed until silently pausing at the junction beneath Christopher’s window and, as if on cue, he rang his little bicycle bell. It called out into the cold and foggy night, its tiny chime mysteriously marking the midnight hour. Moments later, the man turned the corner and was off once more.

About the Author

For years people would ask Stephen to write-up the various adventures and stories that he would so often recount at social events and parties. The more fascinating the people he had encountered, the more bizarre and exciting the stories would be, and so the more enthralled his audiences would become.

So, to please a friend, that made him promise to write-up one of his more fascinating true stories, he began. After requests for more written works, he finally started on his literary journey.

The first few books were shorts and he experimented with them by putting them on a few websites. Both to his surprise and delight, they were read by over fourteen thousand people. And this, in turn, gave him the confidence to step-up his game and begin writing both novels and novelettes in earnest.


I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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