[Great Summer Reads Countdown] All the Way to Italy by Flavia Brunetti

Great Summer Reads Countdown with @lovingthebook
Day 21 – All the Way to Italy by Flavia Brunetti @whichwaytorome



Born just outside of Rome, Flavia
Brunetti grew up bouncing back and forth between Italy and California,
eventually moving back to the Eternal City and confirming her lifelong commitment
to real gelato. 

Flavia holds a Master of Arts degree in Government and Politics from St. John’s
University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from John Cabot
Today she travels the world working for an international humanitarian organization
and spends her free time writing and wandering around her beloved Roma in
constant search of bookstores and the perfect espresso. 

You can find her city
blog on Rome at whichwaytorome.com and her portfolio of published writing at

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Until her dad died, Little considered
herself a Californian. Now, thanks to half a letter, a symbol she can’t quite
remember, and writer’s block, she finds herself back in Italy, the country of
her birth. In a headlong rush to return to her beloved San Francisco, Little
will travel throughout Italy, enlisting the help of the aunt who raised her,
friends old and new, and the country itself, in her search for the answers she

This is the powerful story of those in search of a balance between wanderlust
and the necessity to come home, a reminder that although we may be fragments,
we are never a lost cause.
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If you were here, I
would tell you about what I saw, and I would say,
Papà, I think Italy is an artery. Jarring in its incredible ability
to become lifeblood not just for the people who are from here, but also for the
people who only come for a little while, or who have never been here at all but
dream of it nonetheless. If Italy is blood, then it is the vibrant color of
that which has gathered oxygen and will sweep from the heart to the entire
being. An arterial nation.


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