#GuestReview Artt of the Black Card: No Bullsh*t Guide to Business by Anthony Ryan Sadana

Artt of the Black Card by Anthony Ryan SadanaArtt of the Black Card: No Bullsh*t Guide to Business by Anthony Ryan Sadana
Publisher: Artt Press (January, 2020)
Category: Self-help, Motivational, Entrepreneurship, LBGTQ, Business, Memoir, & Non-Fiction
Tour dates: September 29-November 25, 2020
ISBN: 978-1734311006
Available in Print and ebook, 140 pages

Artt of the Black Card

Description Artt of the Black Card by Anthony Ryan Sadana

“The Artt of the Black Card” is a fresh, concise, irreverent instruction manual on how to succeed as an entrepreneur based on the author’s own original insights and his risk-taking record as a businessman and innovator. This is not a cookie-cutter business book filled with tired advice and worn-out clichés. “The Artt of the Black Card” is a contrarian guidebook for a new generation of business owners and leaders — anyone with the smarts, guts and passion for making money. You don’t need an MBA to get rich, and “The Artt of the Black Card” proves it.

Employing nine vital work/life lessons using the exclusive and legendary American Express Black Card, aka the Centurion Card as a framework, author and serial entrepreneur Anthony Ryan Sadana explains how to make money while the world around you is going to hell and emerge stronger than ever. It’s the perfect antidote to today’s extraordinary challenges.

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Praise Artt of the Black Card by Anthony Ryan Sadana

“Irreverent, honest, and right on the money. Powerful business insights from a man who’s seen itall. If you want to make a lot of money on your own terms, this is the book for you.”– Robert F. Burris, Film/TV Producer

“Incredible book; every person looking to be successful in business needs to read this book. The story is engaging and educational. Not a long read, perfect for reading on a plane or train ride. You will ask yourself why you have not followed this advice before. Cannot say enough about this book; read it as soon as you can.”– Julio Garcia, MD

“Anthony Ryan Sadana has no difficulty speaking his mind in The Art of the Black Card. And he has no filter on his voice or words, which perhaps describes “the no-BS guide to business” that serves as subtitle.
His message is positive. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and fail. It happens to the best of us. When hardships occur, as they inevitably will, be prepared to lift yourself off the ground and get back in the game. No excuses allowed. Learn from the experience and work harder (and smarter) next time.
Sadana’s experiences bring to mind a couple of lines from the Van Halen song, Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – “I been to the edge, an’ there I stood an’ looked down, you know I lost a lot of friends there, baby, I got no time to mess around.”
The author’s answer to everything is to outwork the competition, to pivot when necessary to find new sources of income. There is a confidence to his voice that some may mistake for arrogance. Whatever you call it, he has discovered ways to channel that trait and his own savvy to become a successful entrepreneur who has overcome multiple setbacks, one of which left him flat broke and millions in debt. Several of his lessons, his roller-coaster life and his willingness to lay it all on the line make this a fascinating and worthwhile read.”-Brian Rouff, Imagine Communications and Author

“Authentic, to-the-point, easy to read because of its anecdotal style. Sometimes funny, sometimes controversial, sometimes preachy, sometimes arrogant. Not for the easily offended. Has some very honest truths and good points about how the business world really works.”-Christina, Amazon


This book is about finding your niche in the business world. It’s about developing the skill set that will help you become who you want to be. It’s about honing your mind and your creativity. If you have come up with an idea for a business that you want to create, you will probably end up reading a lot of these kinds of books.
Financial guidebooks are generally a dime a dozen and a lot of them are pretty useless. I, myself have read several and always walked away feeling like I pretty much knew everything that was in them already.

‘The Artt of the Black Card: No Bullsh*t Guide to Business’ by Anthony Sadana is different from those books because I honestly feel like it gave me worthwhile advice. This book consists of nine sections, each detailing a different basic work/life principal that Sadana himself stands by. The sections are about things like how to not be a dick as a manager and how to adapt your ideas and move forward even when you lose a deal.

In the beginning of the book, there is a preface where Sadana says that he began his career in business as a kid when he discovered that he could sell microwave meals to replace the unappetizing healthy food that all of the kids were required to eat at his boarding school. The writing is very snappy and the title is correct, Sadana gives you no bullshit in his instructions.

Overall, this really appealed to me and if I had one complaint, I’d only say that it was a bit short at only 140 pages. I felt like it didn’t have enough explanation in some areas because of its brevity, which is why I’m only giving it four stars.
However, the information that it did have was all valuable and well-delivered. I will definitely be using the advice in this book in my own business and hope that there will be a book 2.



It is often said if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. Yet how often are

people really living their dream? Often enough it is not possible, so you must make do to get ahead of

the curve so that one day you can escape the dreaded nine-to-five. You’re not always going to love what 

you have to do to make money, but suck it up and realize that it could be worse. Even on your worst day, 

you are almost always dealing with first-world problems.

Are you having troubles with a customer, supply chain, someone not paying you what they owe or trying 

to screw you on a deal? Remember, you could be living in a remote village in a poor country without 

electricity and walking five miles each way to the closest water source. The idea is right now you are 

most likely in a developed country reading this book; you are not always going to love what you do or 

what you have to do to make money, and that’s okay. 

What is not okay is making excuses to not work. At the end of every day, when you are watching TV on 

the couch or playing the hottest video game in your free time, you are avoiding responsibility. The idea of 

loving what you hate and how this concept will help you transform tomorrow is learning to view 

everything around you as a tool. Your current job is just a tool to get where you want to be. You

should love how much you hate it, because if you hate it enough you will choose to evolve beyond it.

Spread your wings. Or grow a pair — of legs. Use your frustration constructively. It is a powerful 

transition to transform frustration to fruition. Everything can grow, even in the worst soil, if you care for 

it properly. At the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got. Act like you care.

Options always exist. You could be working for someone else, but you choose to work for yourself. For

a person with an entrepreneurial mindset, this is by far the best option, but not the only path. Sometimes

you need to take a step back, get a regular job, regroup, recapitalize, and get a steady paycheck for a 


Collect yourself, then come back even stronger and more determined. Believe me, many times I have

done just that. This is something I will cover later in the book.

eBay changed my life. The great thing about eBay is no matter how bad things get, you can always use

their platform and sell something. When I’ve been at my lowest, eBay has always been there for me. I 

would estimate that over the years, I’ve done about seven to ten million dollars’ worth of business on 

eBay, based on a half million per year of sales at least. eBay has been a very successful platform for me, 

and given that, you would probably think I love it. Some things about it I do. But by no means is it 


I absolutely hate having to wake up every morning and ship eBay items. I hate it to this day, and that will

never change. The way my eBay has been set up in the past is in a garage or warehouse. In order to 

become a top-rated seller, you must ship items the same day they’re ordered and offer a fast turnaround. I 

also must respond to customer feedback, check local auctions and opportunities for liquidation, and 

manage my own stock. The business itself is a job and a half. Some days I go to bed physically exhausted 

and mentally drained. It completely commits you to being tied to your office five, six, sometimes seven 

days a week and unable to travel because you are obligated to ship items within twenty-four hours of a 

purchase. The process of building an eBay store is exhausting, but after months of effort, I could maintain 

all of the integrated tasks in just a few hours a day. I love that. I also love the financial revenue I get from 

  1. I understand that in order to get to where I need to be, I must perform the next day better than I did the 

last. I am constantly focused on streamlining my process. (Eventually I would be operating several 

businesses at once, in the same time it took to operate just the one.) 

The initial investment into any project is going to be costly; this is going to include massive sacrifices of 

time and money, but the end result is worthwhile. If you want to train your brain to think smarter, take 

every small task you do, analyze it heavily, and determine how it can be done faster. Efficiency is your 

friend in every aspect of your life. Master this and you can master anything.

To summarize this point, you’re not going to always love what you have to do to make money, but bite 

the bullet and keep things in perspective. It’s a necessary evil. No whining allowed.


About Anthony Ryan SadanaArtt of the Black Card by Anthony Ryan Sadana

At the tender age of 23, Anthony Ryan Sadana received an exclusive invitation to apply for the fabled no-limit American Express Black Card, which represented, in his mind, “the pinnacle of my financial success and the ultimate recognition for measuring any sort of achievement against your peers.”

A scant two years later, he found himself flat broke and millions of dollars in debt. Today, this entrepreneur, innovator, author and influencer enjoys a multi-faceted, successful career on a global scale in a wide range of businesses. He’s run retail operations, consults for large and small companies, owns his own real estate investment organization, and is involved in a series of high-ly profitable online ventures.

Sadana’s hard-won knowledge and insights, applied properly and with the right amount of motivation, will help budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business veterans alike create their own success stories.

Sadana currently lives in Las Vegas with his faithful sheltie, Lucky.

Website: https://www.arttonline.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arttonline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Arttonline
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arttonline/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNrusVnZ10I1e-I7uZMK7CA?view_as=subscriber


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Artt of the Black Card by Anthony Ryan Sadana


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