#BlogTour #Review I Can See The Lights by Russ Litten

#Review I Can See The Lights by Russ Litten
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The prose poems in I Can See The Lights are earthy and raw, but also incredibly sensitive. It’s pretty much guaranteed that more than one of them will bring you to tears.

Characters are vividly brought to life, and stark but warm environments evoked in a down to earth, yet almost painterly manner by Russ Litten’s uncompromising voice.

Tales of home, of un-belonging, of strife at sea – of a northern city’s beating heart. Told in a mesmeric, stripped-down tone, this collection is a work of understated genius.

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I Can See The Lights is a collection of poems that talk about real world problems in a gritty and raw way. I find poetry hard to review as it is a very personal and subjective art that everyone will take something different out of the prose, but I really enjoyed this collection ‘Driving at Night’ and the poem ‘I Can See The Lights’ which the book takes its name from really connected with me the most. 

If you enjoy poetry that covers modern real world problems then this short collection from Russ Litten will be right up your street.




About the Author

Russ Litten is the author of the novels Scream If You Want To Go Faster, Swear Down, Kingdom and the short story collection We Know What We Are.

As one half of the electronic story telling duo Cobby and Litten, he has released three spoken word / electronica albums My People Come From The Sea, Boothferry and Pound Shop Communism.

He has written for TV, radio and film and has worked as a writer in residence at various prisons and youth offender units. I Can See The Lights is his first poetry collection.



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