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A River of Silence by Susan Clayton-Goldner
Date Published: January 24, 2018
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

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When Detective Winston Radhauser is awakened by a call from dispatch at 12:45a.m., it can mean only one thing—something terrible awaits him. He races to the Pine Street address. In the kitchen, Caleb Bryce, nearly deaf from a childhood accident, is frantically giving CPR to 19-month-old Skyler Sterling. Less than an hour later, Skyler is dead.

The ME calls it a murder and the entire town of Ashland, Oregon is outraged. Someone must be held accountable. The police captain is under a lot of pressure and anxious to make an arrest. Despite Radhauser’s doubts about Bryce’s guilt, he is arrested and charged with first degree murder. Neither Radhauser nor Bryce’s young public defender believe he is guilty. Winston Radhauser will fight for justice, even if it means losing his job.

This is book three in the Winston Radhauser mysteries and I fell in love with Wind in the first book Redemption Lake and could not wait to read this one. Being book three this however, is totally a stand alone and you are able to read without having read the previous books. (I haven’t read #2 yet)

A River of Silence sees the Detective get called in to investigate the death of a child. this truly must be any law enforcement worst nightmare when it involves a child and even more so when you are responsible to find out all the facts and determine who or what caused the death.

Radhauser is one of those detectives you can’t help but love, from his cowboy hat right down to being a straight up good cop, he ensures that no stone goes unturned to get to the bottom of the truth even if means putting his job on the line. The suspect Caleb Bryce is racked with guilt over Skylar’s death that Radhause believes he is innocent, but pressure from he Chief see him having to arrest him for murder, but he does everything in his power to try and help prove that Bryce is as innocent as he believes him to be.

This is a tale that will really pull on your emotions seeing how it involves a child, and as the evidence is presented and the list of suspects grow you will be shocked when you learn the truth.

A 5 star mystery read for sure from Clayton-Goldner and I can’t wait to read more of Detective Radhauser.


About the Author

Susan Clayton-Goldner was born in New Castle, Delaware and grew up with four brothers along the banks of the Delaware River. She has been writing poems and short stories since she could hold a pencil and was so in love with writing that she was a creative writing major in college.

Prior to an early retirement which enabled her to write full time, Susan worked as the Director of Corporate Relations for University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. It was there she met her husband, Andreas, one of the deans in the University of Arizona’s Medical School. About five years after their marriage, they left Tucson to pursue their dreams in 1991–purchasing a 35-acres horse ranch in the Williams Valley in Oregon. They spent a decade there. Andy road, trained and bred Arabian horses and coached a high school equestrian team, while Susan got serious about her writing career.

Through the writing process, Susan has learned that she must be obsessed with the reinvention of self, of finding a way back to something lost, and the process of forgiveness and redemption. These are the recurrent themes in her work.

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