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#Review Grimworld by Avery Moray
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Welcome to my stop during the blog tour for Grimworld by Avery Moray.
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By Avery Moray
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: Middle Grade
Release Date: 1 November 2019


Every day, thirteen year old Henry Bats has his usual bowl of Sugar Slugs, helps tend Cobalt Sidewinders at Frank’s Peculiar Pets, and keeps to himself with his comic book collection. Just your typical day in Grimworld, where the sky is always dark and shadows lurk in the streets. What’s not typical is a suspicious Nightspook luring Henry into a cemetery in the middle of the night with the promise of a prized comic book. The Nightspook steals part of Henry’s lifespan with a pocket watch, which begins counting down to his death. Henry is running out of time, and the pocket watch won’t stop ticking…

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I loved this book! This was such a great read, and I will definitely pass it along to my 10 year old son as I really think he will love it. The characters and world building that Moray has portrayed really gave it a Tim Burton feel to it, and I would love to see this on the screen. Grimworld is the perfect book for kids to read that is spooky but not too scary, and with our main characters being around the 13 year old mark and the world building this is easily a book that will stretch any kids imagination.

From the start I was hooked on this story and intrigued by the world that Harry Bats lives in. The was an interesting read and held my attention throughout and I loved all the characters that came into play as it went along, and there was a whole host of colourful characters in this book. There is mild threat in the book with the pocket watches ticking down the lifespan of the wearer and we are left feeling a moment of dread at one point towards the end, but it call turns out just fine.

Avery Moray has done a wonderful job with this book I really hope we get to see more of what Grimworld and Harry has to offer in the future.

5 stars


About the Author:

Avery Moray
Avery Moray is a storyteller who specializes in middle grade and young adult fantasy. She lives in a land with tall mountains and wide plains with her two furry sidekicks and one non-furry accomplice. She likes sweets, cats, Halloween, and loves creating all kind of things, stories being one of them.

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