#Review Monster in the House (Suncoast Paranormal 1) by Lovelyn Bettison

Monster in the House Book Cover Monster in the House
Suncoast Paranormal
Lovelyn Bettison
March 8th 2020

Monsters roam the Lee family home at night, terrorizing their daughters. Desperate for their lives to return to normal, they call Adam and Cheryl from Suncoast Paranormal to rid their home of these hellish beasts.

But Adam and Cheryl are having troubles of their own. Their romantic relationship is on the rocks, and it looks like their business might be headed that way too.

Cheryl is haunted by past trauma and finding it difficult to move on with her life. She wants to pull the plug on the business and get Adam out of her life.

But Adam knows she’s making a terrible mistake and thinks helping the Lees will prove that Cheryl’s gift of psychic mediumship has the power to heal. If only he can get her to answer his calls, he could convince her to take the case with him.

When the Lees’ youngest daughter vanishes and the grandmother is swallowed up by an unknown force, Cheryl can’t ignore the case any longer.

But while they’re trying to help the Lees, they encounter beings unlike any they’ve experienced before.

Do they have the skills to banish the monsters from the Lee home? Is there more to this haunting than meets the eye?

#Review Monster in the House by Lovelyn Bettison
#SuncoastParanormal @lovelynb


Monster in the House was one of those suitably creepy paranormal books that held my attention and got me hooked. The start at first reminded me of a movie set in the Scottish Highlands about a fake paranormal investigation company only it turn outs they see real ghosts eventually, I am glad this book brought the real ghosts to us fairly quickly sucking me in.

Cheryl and Adam run the Suncoast Paranormal Agency, she is the one who sees the ghosts and he does the end meters. Adam gets a call to help a family deal with monsters in their home, only Cheryl goes a bit AWOL and helps other ghosts that ultimately lead her to agreeing to help Adam and the family.

The monsters in the house are not ones I would like to envoke I can tell you that for sure! When everything starts to piece together the shock and realisation sets in as to what is truly going on in the house.

Cheryl has a bit of a back story which comes out near the end but it made it feel like I had started a book that had a previous instalment, but I know for sure I can not wait to read the next book in this series.!! Whilst I kinda ends with some unanswered questions Cheryl makes the decision to help a ghost that means she needs to return to a past she has ran away from.

This was a great start to this series and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Many thanks to booksprout for a arc copy of this book. It does not effect my review in any way. 5 stars



About the Author:

Lovelyn Bettison writes speculative fiction with a multicultural cast.

In her stories, the normal world is slightly askew, magic happens every day, and ordinary people end up in extraordinary situations. Her novels explore the themes of loss, regret, and striving to be better. There’s almost always a love story. There is definitely magic, and she likes all her ending to be the happy kind.

If you want to explore a world that is different than your own and full of quirky characters and unusual occurrences check out her books.

Join Lovelyn’s readers group to be the first to hear about new releases, special offers, and get some extra goodies. You can sign on her website: lovelynbettison.com.

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