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Monster Max and the Marmalade Ghost
by Robin Bennett

Max and Peregrine are volunteering at an old people’s home, when strange things start to happen: one resident is walking on the ceiling; one is riding their wheelchair through walls; and Reggie says his marmalade is haunted (although no one listens). Can Max and his friends work out what’s happening to protect his family and the local community? Things aren’t looking good – the Marmalade Ghost is turning into a gloopy Godzilla, Max falls out with his (joint) best friend, and then, just when it can’t get any worse, someone kidnaps Max’s cat, Frankenstein… will they meet a sticky end?  

Time to ‘Protect and Do Good Stuff!’ 

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This is my first Monster Max book and myself and my son also called Max absolutely loved this book! He found the toilet humour hilarious (as did I to be honest). Despite not having read the first Monster Max book, we found this book easy to get into – the character Max turns into a monster by burping, which I just thought was a great concept, as well being a funny thing to happen to him.

When Max and Peregrine who are volunteering at an old people’s home, discovering some strange goings on along with some haunted marmalade – they go into detective mode and try to work out what is happening! Is the marmalade really haunted or is something else afoot?

The humour is very appropriate for younger children and the pictures sprinkled throughout the book I thought were engaging and relevant to what is happening. Monster Max and the Marmalade Ghost is a great book that will engage and delight your children!

Such a funny read and I cant wait to read more of Max’s adventures!

5 stars

Author Bio –  

When Robin grew up he thought he wanted to be a cavalry officer until everyone else realised that putting him in charge of a tank was a very bad idea. He then became an assistant gravedigger in London. After that he had a career frantically starting business- es (everything from dog-sitting to cigars, tuition to translation)… until finally settling down to write improbable stories to keep his children from killing each other on long car journeys.  

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