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The Dead of Winter by A.B. Gibson
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The Dead Of Winter
Appalachian Trail Murder Mysteries
by A.B. Gibson



Four young professionals pick the wrong weekend to visit a popular Pumpkin Patch Bed and Breakfast. It’s the last day of the season, and the weather and the farm are picture-perfect. Ma and Pa Winter are the consummate hosts, and they immediately win over Dillon, Tara, Josh and Julia with their homespun authenticity. Like the thousands of other visitors to Winters Farm and Orchard, the four are eager to pick apples and pumpkins and take the challenge of the Giant Corn Maze. But Ma Winter has other plans. A scary moonlight hayride spirals into a frantic twenty-four hours of deception and mayhem, and the group find themselves unwilling participants in a horrific family tradition.

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This would be good as a made for TV movie! Put it this way I never want to go to a corn maze – like ever! This is almost like a cross between the Children of the Corn meets the Hills Have Eyes, and it is definitely a good Halloween read. The characters were not all that likeable and I didn’t really connect with them, Tara was the worst for this – I didn’t feel they were well fleshed out to develop strong connection with, that being said I was intrigued with where the author was going with it all and who was going to be taken out first.

We have a group of twenty-something friends who have come to the Winter’s Farm and Orchard for the weekend where they expect to take in delights of the Giant Corn Maze, pumpkin picking generally catching up with each other. Whilst sitting round the bonfire they are approached by another guest who says that all is not as it seems at the Winter Farm and that murder is going on,  the group laugh it off as the guest being part of the act, but soon they realise she was telling the truth, but by that time it was too late and the group must fight for their survival admits Ma & Pa’s sinister plans for them. 

Great spooky Halloween read for sure and loved how the author took us down many different paths with this plot.

4 stars


About the Author

Following an exciting life-long career in advertising, Alan Gibson co-founded a video chat technology startup that now often competes for time with his novel writing.
For many years hikers from the Appalachian Trail worked odd jobs at an apple orchard he and his partner owned in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and that farm continues to be a source of inspiration. Gibson also is an Executive Producer of The Book of Leah, a feature length film to be released in the fall of 2018. He is also the Producer of “The Seeding,” a feature film based on his book, The Dead of Winter, currently in development and to be released in 2019.



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