[Review] The Guild Crafters: A Minecraft Series by Ty The Hunter

The Guild Crafters Book 1 Book Cover The Guild Crafters Book 1
Ty The Hunter
We Built It
December 2nd 2018
114 pages


Where do Minecraft blocks come from? What would happen if they ran out?

In the deepest, darkest depths of the local Pixmart, where all Minecraft blocks are created, a serious problem has arisen. The blocks are running out, fast.

Delving into the mystery, one young worker and his two friends descend into the secret lower levels of Pixmart in a bid to discover what has gone wrong. There, they find the last remaining Liquid Guild Crafter. He alone possesses the magic to create liquid blocks, and without him, every bit of liquid in Minecraft will dry up, forever.

He tells them of a prophecy that, if it comes to pass, would save Minecraft. However, their quest is not as simple as it first appears, and the three friends must solve the mystery that not only threatens their livelihoods but the future of their entire Minecraft world.

Can they do what the Guild Crafter has asked them to do, solve a mystery and fulfill a prophecy? Or, is Minecraft already doomed forever?

#review The Guild Crafters: A Minecraft Series by Ty The Hunter

The Guild Crafters: A Minecraft Series
by Ty The Hunter

If you have kids who love Minecraft, then they will enjoy this fan-fic. I have read a few Minecraft books, and this one is very good, light heated, full of action and totally kid friendly.
This is the first in Ty Hunters new spin off The Guild Crafter’s, which see three unlikely factory workers become the key to fulfilling a prophecy. It was really good, my kids enjoyed it and can’t wait for book 2! This one ends kinda on a cliffhanger.


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