#Review The Lie She Told by Catherine Yaffe

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#Review The Lie She Told by Catherine Yaffe
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The Lie She Told
by Catherine Yaffe

All Kate wanted was a peaceful life.

All Ryan wanted to do was destroy it.

Living in the remote Scottish Highlands under Witness Protection, life is finally happy for Kate Ward and her young son Joe, until someone from Kate’s past appears. Ryan Albright is the only person that knows all of Kate’s secrets, and what she had to do to escape her previous abusive relationship. Ryan is determined to complete the mission set for him by Kate’s ex-husband. Systematically and violently, he pulls Kate’s new world apart with devastating consequences for everyone around him, including Kate who must face up to the lie she told.

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UK –https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lie-She-Told-peaceful-destroy-ebook/dp/B08BPJCV77
US – https://www.amazon.com/Lie-She-Told-peaceful-destroy-ebook/dp/B08BPJCV77


This a slow burner of a story as we follow Kate settling into life in the scenic Scottish Highlands under witness protection. We know her ex-husband is behind bars, but we don’t know what ‘Lie She Told’ to put him there. Ryan returns home to Gairloch to help his father out at the pub only to run into Kate – could this be his ticket out of here? I knew Ryan was up to no good and was willing Kate to see the truth that everyone else was seeing, but she was just jaded – they both knew each other back in Leeds before she had to relocate, so we knew there was going to some connection with her ex-husband.

I loved how the story played out slowing with Ryan slowly building up Kate’s trust whilst doing everything else sneaky on the side – not going to spoil the story line! The last few chapters was where it all really kicked off and the truth finally came out.

Not bad for a debut – only thing I would like would be an edit to when the characters are thinking things maybe put it in italics as the thoughts were just written as if they were are actually saying it out loud.

Cant wait to read more from the author!

4 stars


Author Bio –

Catherine Yaffe is a former freelance journalist, magazine editor and digital marketing agency owner. Catherine has previously written non-fiction books on Digital Marketing before following her passion for writing crime novels full time.

The Lie She Told is the first in a series of books that challenge the status quo of relationships and makes the reader question how well you know those around you.

Catherine lives in West Yorkshire with her husband Mark and their 2 cats Jenson & Button (she’s also a F1 fan!)

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@catherineyaffe (Twitter)
Instagram cat_yaffe_author

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