[Review Tour] Murder in Mornington by Kemberlee Shortland

Murder in Mornington
by Kemberlee Shortland
Cozy Irish Mystery
Date Published: November 23, 2015

The last thing hair stylist Sassy O’Brien expects to find on her morning run on her local beach is a dead body. An addict of TV crime programs, she thinks, “What would Beckett do?” After ringing the police, she takes several crime scene photos on her mobile phone, as you do.

Much to Detective Donnelly’s consternation, Sassy’s involvement becomes instrumental in his investigation, especially as clues are overlooked by his team.

How will Sassy cope when all the clues point to her?


I loved this book, Kemberlee Shortland is a new to me author and if this book is anything to go by I am going to love her other work.

Sassy is a hairdresser who runs her own busy salon. Whilst out running with her Wolfhound one early morning she discovers a body. She calls it in and whilst waiting for the Garda to come, which feels like a lifetime she takes some pictures on her phone.

Detective Donnelly is tasked with this case, and he is rather hunky sounding I must say. Though he is investigating the case it is clear that he would like to get to know Sassy better as well. I loved how the story revolved not only around the mysterious murder but around their little relationship as well.

This was a great cozy murder mystery that can easily be read in a day and it will have hooked from the very beginning. The characters are great and work well together.

I can’t wait to read more from Kemberlee

5 stars


About the Author

Kemberlee was born and raised in Northern California in an area known as America’s Salad Bowl. It was home to many authors, including John Steinbeck, and for a while Jack London and Robert Louis Stevenson.

In 1997, Kemberlee left the employ of Clint Eastwood when the opportunity to live in Ireland for six months presented itself. It was there she ended up meeting a man who convinced her to stay. Kemberlee is now celebrating her eighteenth year in Ireland and has been lucky to travel the country extensively, picking up a cupla focal along the way—a few Irish words.

Kemberlee has been writing since a very young age and over the years she has published dozens of travel articles and book reviews, as well as worked with some notable authors who’ve set their books in Ireland.

2006 saw the publication of Kemberlee’s first two short stories, Tutti-Frutti Blues and Dude Looks Like a Lady, set in her hometown. Since then, Kemberlee has published a number of short stories and novels, many of which are set in Ireland.

Contact Information:
Website – http://www.kemberlee.com


I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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    Thank you so much for hosting me today, and for your lovely review. Book two should be out in the spring. Look for Corpse in The Colpe.

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