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Must Love Ghosts
by Ani Gonzalez
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date Published: September 7, 2015

Abby Reed believes in folk songs, faery tales, and ghosts, but she doesn’t believe in love. Her fiancé died while deployed in Afghanistan, but she still has her music, her crazy ghost-filled town, and her pen-pal-slash-best-friend, Mike Stone. But when Mike arrives in Banshee Creek after his last tour of duty, Abby starts to have doubts, about music, ghosts and, most importantly…love.

A steadfast soldier, Mike Stone follows the rules, and Rule #1 is: Don’t Fall For Your Dead Buddy’s Fiancée. His relationship with Abby has been strictly platonic, and will remain that way, if he has anything to say about it. But when he arrives in Banshee Creek, a town where the impossible is an everyday occurrence, he’ll find out that sometimes rules are meant to be broken.



I am in love with the town of Banshee Creek – not only the name but the fact that it seems to be a wee paranormal hub.

This was a great quick read about Mike who returns home from Afghanistan to keep a promise to his dead friend and deliver a package to his fiancée, Abby.

Abby came across as a really fun quirky girl who loved the whole paranormal stuff that went on in the town, when she bump into Mike standing on her porch, when he didn’t have the courage to knock on the door, she convinces him to stay and got to the Halloween party.

The chemistry between them is undeniable and the sex is steamy, but Mike is a little bit of a scaredy cat, but will let one slide lol

It was a great fun read and I cant wait to read more in this series

4 stars


Ani Gonzalez loves sexy stories and quirky towns with spooky houses. She currently lives in Minnesota with her family, and she’s still trying to adjust to the cold.

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