#Review When We Get To The Island by Alex Nye

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#Review When We Get To The Island by Alex Nye
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When We Get To The Island
by Alex Nye
publisher: Fledgling Press

Hani is 12 and invisible, and yet everyone wants to capture him. After escaping from Syria with his sister, he finds himself working in atrocious conditions somewhere in Scotland. When his sister disappears, he begins a perilous journey to find her, across some of the wildest terrain in Scotland.

Mia is also on the run, and sometimes it feels as if she will never stop running. When she helps Hani escape from his captors, the two become inseparable. Her dream is to reach the island where she was last happy, when her parents were alive, and find the little house she believes they still own. Once we reach the island, she tells Hani, everything will be okay.

But their journey takes them into dangerous landscapes, hunted by dangerous men, chased through a system of underground flooded caverns while a great storm sweeps the coast. Whatever happens, Mia knows that she must help Hani to find his sister. What they will really find at the end of their journey may come as a surprise to both of them.

Alex Nye is the award-winning author of Chill and Darker Ends.


I read this book in a few hours and found myself totally immersed in Hani and Mia’s journey to get the island. The book is told in short chapters, starting with Hani and how he comes to be working in atrocious conditions after escaping Syria with his sister, then we get Mia story of how she came to be in foster care after the death of her parents then gran – she has a home, a roof over her head, yet she doesn’t feel loved. She is just a number to her foster carers so she decides to runaway and in doing so meets Hani.

I live in Falkirk so it was great to know the places Mia was talking about (though I kept reading Grangefield as Grangemouth) we follow the pair as they make their way to find Hani’s sister and Mia’s dream to get to the island she went to as a child with her family. These two kids mange to survive the barren wilderness of Scotland with help from a few kind stranger all whilst running from Hani’s ‘Uncle’ – the man who owns him and trafficked him to Scotland.

When We Get To The Island was brilliant read for adults and young adults alike.

5 stars



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Author Bio

Alex Nye is the award-winning author of four novels. She grew up in Norfolk by the sea, but has lived in Scotland since 1995 where she finds much of her inspiration in Scottish history. At the age of 16 she won the W H Smith Young Writers’ Award out of 33,000 entrants, and has been writing ever since. Her first children’s novel, CHILL, won the Royal Mail Award.

Her fourth book is a historical novel for adults about Mary Queen of Scots. Her fifth title, ARGUING WITH THE DEAD, is another historical novel, this time about Mary Shelley, and explores the chaotic and destructive forces which shaped her.

She divides her time between walking the dog, swimming, scribbling in notebooks in strange places, staring at people without meaning to, and tapping away on her laptop. She also teaches and delivers atmospheric candlelit workshops on creative writing/ghost stories/Scottish history. She studied at King’s College, London more years ago than she cares to remember.



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