[Review] The Chain of Lies (Paradise Valley Mystery #3) by Debra Burroughs

The Chain of Lies Book Cover The Chain of Lies
Paradise Valley Mystery #3
Debra Burroughs
Lake House Books
November 19th 2012
Kindle Unlimited

If you love sweet romance mixed with edge-of-your-seat mystery and suspense, you’ll want to read this third instalment of the Paradise Valley Mystery series. Centred in a small town, the lovely widow Emily and her interesting friends, along with the hot new police detective, work together to solve crimes and a murder mystery. Think “Sex and the City” meets “Nancy Drew.”

The Chain of Lies
Paradise Valley #3
by Debra Burroughs

I am really enjoying this series by Debra! As soon as I finish one book I instantly pick up the next – good job for Kindle Unlimited!

In The Chain of Lies sees Emily still pursuing her late husband past in order to find out the truth about him and ultimately who murdered him . Whilst this is going on she gets involved with taking down a sex trafficking ring when Molly Camille’s daughter goes missing.

Emily is getting more PI work and her relationship with Colin is blossoming, and not only is Paradise Valley becoming a hot spot for murder recently she is also getting one step closer to discovering who Evan really was and who killed him and the reason why. It was good to get some form of closure regarding Evan but it was a little flat.

For all The Chain of Lies is book three in the Paradise Valley Mystery series and though it can be read as stand alone as we get some snippets of backstories in easy book it is still best to read them in order.

About the Author


Debra Burroughs writes with intensity and power. Her characters are rich and the stories are full of compelling suspense and real romance. She can be found, most days, sitting in front of her computer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, dreaming up and writing about strong women, their relationships with men (good and bad), involved in exciting, mysterious, and romantic situations.



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