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First and Only Destiny
The Destiny Series Book 1
by Gloria Silk
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Second edition of USA Today Bestselling Author’s debut novel.
“Beautifully written love story. The prose in this book is extraordinary, the
emotions heart-breaking and the author leaves you hanging on the edge
right to the end of the story. I could feel the characters’
happiness, confusion, pain and sadness. When it rained, I felt that
rain on me, when the characters were laughing, I laughed – it was
really that good! I can’t wait to read the next story in this book
and will add Ms. Silk to my “must-buy” authors. Love her
writing! Ms. Silk fills the pages with emotion – hope, happiness,
sadness, guilt, joy – you will run the gamut with this book.”
Elizabeth Lennox, Author of the Thorpe Brothers series
Do you believe in love at first sight?
First love has never been more intense,
heartbreaking, and oh so worth it!
Shy artist Lia cannot resist gorgeous genius, Devraj. Sparks fly and
their families and friends try to break them apart.
It’s love at first sketch for shy, sheltered art major Lia Abraham, when
she meets the Bollywood-gorgeous Devraj Shah at a London university.
But she refuses to show her undeniable attraction to the gregarious
genius who is being groomed for his family business empire. Nothing
can stand between her and her dreams of traveling and teaching art
across Europe. No taking risks or detours for Lia!
The last thing Lia needs is a handsome distraction from her true love:
art. Although she protests, the charming Devraj, with his dimpled
grin and sparkling eyes, convinces Lia to be “just friends”.
But inevitably—with one rain-soaked, sweet yet sizzling kiss—their
unleashed desire becomes stronger than their cultural divides—a
Hindu boy and a Jewish girl? Gods forbid!
As their friendship flares into an all-consuming passion, the growing
pressure from both families changes the landscape of both their lives.
Despite loving him to distraction, will Lia’s gratitude to her frail
grandparents, who raised her, and her loyalty to her cultural ties,
force her to forsake the forbidden fruit of her love for Devraj?
Or can she stand up for her first and only love and face their uncharted
future head on?
**read as a standalone!!**
**Only .99 cents!!**
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Second Destiny
The Destiny Series Book 2
From USA Today Bestselling Author, Gloria Silk
“Beautifully written love story with a perfect happy ever after.
” Elizabeth Lennox, Author of the Thorpe Brothers series
The standalone bestseller, First and Only Destiny gave Lia and Devraj
their own well deserved dramatic and satisfying happy-ever-after! BUT
what if…
What if Lia and Devraj lose each other within minutes and are both left
devastated, unable to forget each other?
Second Destiny is an emotional, sensuous story of the star-crossed lovers
reuniting 19 years later. Just as Lia discovers her husband’s
infidelity, her first love, Devraj is at her door. Lia’s 18-year-old
daughter and Devraj’s nephew are repeating romantic history. Can Lia
and the Bollywood-gorgeous hero put their past behind, or will their
sizzling, intense passion reignite and endanger everything in its path?
Lia Abraham gave up everything for her family and culture—art, autonomy
and even self-worth. Worst of all was the sacrifice of
Bollywood-gorgeous, idealistic Devraj Shah, when Lia caved in to
pressure from both their families. She broke her first love’s heart
by marrying the “right” Jewish man.
Nineteen years later, minutes after Lia demands a divorce from her cheating
husband, her world turns upside down again; Devraj is at her door.
His nephew and Lia’s feisty teenage daughter are repeating history.
They’re in love, but the now reserved, enigmatic Devraj is dead-set
against the couple’s marriage plans. He is convinced Lia’s
daughter will ultimately reject his nephew the way Lia had rejected
After years of feeling caged in a loveless marriage, Lia embraces her newly
found freedom, and her resurgent passion for Devraj is irresistible.
Once again, she surrenders to the true love of her life, but their
affair re-ignites opposition from both families. Will Lia’s second
chance at love again destroy her loved ones and her dreams?
Torn once again between her love for Devraj, her family responsibilities
and her need for true independence, will Lia choose duty over the
desires of her heart?
**read as a standalone!!**
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USA Today Bestselling author, Gloria Silk, loves writing sensuous,
uplifting and unforgettable romance and women’s fiction. Her powerful
stories are filled with passion without cultural borders, which will
take you to various exotic locales around the world. Her books focus
on the many facets of romantic relationships with strong and complex
family bonds.
Born in Russia, her love of travel was ingrained within her from a very
young age, as she has lived in various parts of Europe and the
Mediterranean. Some of her favorite visited places are Austria,
France, the Middle East, Hawaii and Hong Kong. Her next planned
excursion is to Australia and New Zealand.
England (where she was brought up) holds a very special place in her heart
with all its history and lush, green landscapes. Her background in
English literature, writing and psychology help her create
well-rounded, unique characters.
After spending many years in London, England where she met and married her
own loving hero, she now lives – and happily writes – in Toronto, Canada.
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