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The Forest of Riddles by @StephenJWillis

The Forest of Riddles
The Christopher Daring Adventures Book

by Stephen J Willis


Throughout the series, Christopher and his friends must overcome various despicable foes as they battle with riddles, codes, creatures of the night, deathly spectres and secret orders, as they go in search of Christopher’s missing brother and father.

Within a tall whispering forest, night-time eyes blink in mesmerized wonder at a magical blue spectacle that dances all about them in the silence. So enchanting is this mysterious woodland, that it bewitches all that dare to cross its path.

But as darkness falls and the creatures stir, something else awakens deep within. For under the watchful eye of an unknown foe, a creeping menace ponders the fate of these dancing lights.

Invited to stay with his grandfather, Charlie, over the spring holidays, Christopher, along with his best mate Jason and new friend Poppy, venture up by train to the beautiful landscapes of Scotland. Here, they must unravel the many secrets weaved amongst sacred symbols and enchanting nocturnal lights that are hidden within this magical forest. For they alone hold the key to solving an ancient entrapment of a lost civilization.

With an unusual mix of science, technology, cosmology, fantasy fiction and a dash of the spiritual self, the Christopher Daring Adventures is a thrilling ride into the impossible.

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Far, far away in the hidden depths of a mysterious forest, two curious rabbits were sitting upright, side by side. They were staring in fixed amazement at something special, something uniquely magical to this particular forest.

Other twinkling night-time eyes blinked in unison through the darkness. Looking out from within cosy burrows, peering down from sturdy branches and from way up in the dizzying heights of swaying tree tops, they watch on in wonderment at the enchantment taking place before them. Some animals even ventured out from the safety of their homes, unabashed about their plight as they found themselves drawn ever closer.

At the foot of this great forest, three cosy white cottages sat huddled together in a tiny valley, with only a crooked stream and a partially hidden great lake for company. The dirt track road leading to the outside world was more dirt than road, but was reliable when needed, as it was seldom used.

Gently curling smoke spiralled, almost invisibly, out of each of the three chimneys, and a cool breeze rippled across the surface of the lake, where the nearby trees rustled with a comforting hush. The blackened sky above flickered into life, as the hidden crescent moon peered out from beyond a blanket of thick black clouds. The crisp white light seemed to skip briefly over the surface of the lake, exposing two parenting otters and their three paddling young, as they all glided silently across the darkened depths of the shimmering water.

Moments later, as if cast away by an enchantment spell, the white light disappeared, returning the quaint Scottish highland back into the impenetrable depths of its darkness.

But out of this never-ending darkness, grew a new light, a light of colour, a light of deepest blue — a rich cerulean blue. It pulsed from the centre of the forest, slow, and then fast, as if the forest itself was breathing — almost as if it had become alive.

About the Author:
For years people would ask Stephen to write-up the various adventures and stories that he would so often recount at social events and parties. The more fascinating the people he had encountered, the more bizarre and exciting the stories would be, and so the more enthralled his audiences would become.

So, to please a friend, that made him promise to write-up one of his more fascinating true stories, he began. After requests for more written works, he finally started on his literary journey.

The first few books were shorts and he experimented with them by putting them on a few websites. Both to his surprise and delight, they were read by over fourteen thousand people. And this, in turn, gave him the confidence to step-up his game and begin writing both novels and novelettes in earnest.


I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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