[Tour & Review] The Wraith by T.R. Braxton

The Wraith
by T.R. Braxton
Genre: Horror/Supernatural Suspense

The Wraith is a unique and spine tingling tale for readers who love to be scared.

John Rainbird Jefferies is haunted by visions of a malevolent spirit. Every time the young Maupai tribesman “sees” the creature, a native of tiny Bay Corner, Maryland dies. Local detectives are mystified by the impossible nature of the deaths, but John realizes that sinister forces are at work. He understands the wraith’s hateful motivation, as well as its intention to take many more victims. John knows that he must stop the creature that was once his best friend, or die trying.


The Wraith is one of those supernatural suspense books that I just couldn’t put down. It was a great read and it was interesting to see how the police were trying to work out how the deaths were happening.

John keeps having visions of his dead friend Rebecca killing people who have wronged her, he thinks nothing of the dreams until they start coming true. How can a dead girl be killing people and how on earth are the police going to work out how they are dying in the manner in which they are?

This is a gripping read that had me hooked from the very beginning and it was very well written and I loved the whole aspect of the dead getting revenge. A brilliant read.



T.R. Braxton is the author of the horrifying new novel, The Wraith, along with Dirty
Hands and Sight. Mr. Braxton is the sole proprietor of Montebello Books publishing
    A special educator by day, Braxton began to seriously pursue his writing talent when
he figured out that he can write better than numerous successful authors who can’t write
any better than a tongue less man can sing. After countless revisions and preparation,
Braxton published his debut novel, Dirty Hands. Braxton is proud of the tireless work he
has put into writing and publishing his novels.
    Braxton has a strange sense of humor, which is often evident in his writing. One of
his more insistent claims is that his initials stand for Tyrannosaurus Rex. He also
sometimes claims to be a Herald of Galactus from the Silver Surfer comics.
     Braxton is a Baltimore City native and graduate of local universities. He holds
several degrees and a fair share of student loan debt. Happily married with one child
and one very annoying cat, Braxton still resides in his hometown, where he ceaselessly
vacillates between love and hate for the city.

25 Fun Facts about Me and My Books:

Fact 1- I wear a mask in publicity photos because I’m not human. Seriously, I don’t think it should matter what an author looks like. I’m not a rock star, or a rapper, for Pete’s sake.

Fact 2- I majored in Fine Arts in college. I decided to pursue writing because of the praise I received from my Creative Writing Instructor.

Fact 3- I’ve read every novel Stephen King has written. That’s a lot of reading and a lot of terrifying images to digest. Being such an avid reader of Stephen King has strongly influenced me into writing tales of the fantastic.

Fact 4- My first novel, Dirty Hands, was inspired by some excessive drinking I did at a college party. I had one of those experiences of friends describing my ridiculous drunken behavior while I was hungover the next day. I realized that a lot of my friends ended up in that state at one time or another. I thought: What if something went horribly wrong during one of those drunken nights? Voila! The seed for a novel was planted.

Fact 5- I wrote a total of 14 drafts of Dirty Hands before publishing it.

Fact 6- I believe that The Wraith is the magnum opus of everything I’ve written so far. The Wraith is to T.R. Braxton as The Stand is to Stephen King.

Fact 7- I like to refer to myself in third person everyone once in a while. I don’t do this to sound arrogant. I do it because it amuses me.

Fact 8- In its original incarnation, The Wraith was a tragic tale of teen bullying gone wrong. Then, I thought: “What the hell, T.R.? You know you need to put some creepy horror stuff in this literary cocktail!”

Fact 9- Some years back (all the years run together when one gets past a certain age), I read an article about Native Americans living in modern Maryland in the Baltimore City Paper. That article inspired me to invent the Maupai tribe that features so prominently in The Wraith.

Fact 10- I admire Hugh Howey and draw great inspiration from his success as an independent author. I could never dream to be as successful as he is, but regularly reading his blog motivates me to never stop putting out my best work. When I feel discouraged about not yet reaping a huge financial windfall from writing, I think of his confession that he had published numerous novels before his Wool series struck literary gold.

Fact 11- My wife is my editor. That may sound cutesy or unprofessional, but she’s not just any wife editor. She’s a former newspaper journalist/editor, so I have great editorial help right at home. No, I did not plan things this way before we married. I do appreciate the fringe benefit, though!

Fact 12- I write because stories won’t stop pouring into my head. I have to get them out!

Fact 13- I get out of bed at 5 am on weekdays to write. It’s the only way to balance writing with my full time job and family time.

Fact 14- I must write in order to avoid being an all-out crank with my family and at my job. I’m a much nicer person when I’m writing.

Fact 15- I am a full-time Special Educator for Baltimore City Public Schools. If I ever want to do a memoir, this simultaneously soul crushing and inspiring job will provide me with a wealth of material.

Fact 16- Redundancy is one of my pet peeves. I abhor expressions such as rewind back, share out, mix together, answer back, duck down, etc. I could continue on (get it), but I won’t.

Fact 17- If I ever become wealthy enough, I want to found a school for high performing low income students (how’s that for a specific niche?) in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

Fact 18- My second novel, Sight, is an exploration of how early 20th century racism might affect a child with telepathic/telekinetic powers.

Fact 19- My financial dream as a writer is to generate enough income to support my family. I don’t need Stephen King money (not that I would turn it down). I just need enough to quit my day job.

Fact 20- I like to read poorly written books from time to time. I use such books to make myself feel superior and as reminders of bad habits to avoid while writing.

Fact 21- I love to read masterful novels such as The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, by Michael Chabon. I read such books for pleasure and to gain positive influences on my own writing.

Fact 22- My goal is to write two quality novels per year. That’s an ambitious goal for someone with a grueling job and a young child, but I think I can do it. After all, teachers are off for the summer.

Fact 23- If am ever able to write full time, I will average three quality novels per year. Mark it eight, Dude!

Fact 24- I share a birthday with Mr. Yankee, Derek Jeter.

Fact 25- Birthday, Smurf day! I still love the Orioles and hate the Yanks.



I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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