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I didn’t want to believe it when my PI told me that everything I’d thought I’d known about my wife and my lover was a lie. But he’d had proof. Now I needed to decide what I was going to do with the knowledge I had.

When former playboy Blayne Westmore discovers the horrific secret in Livie Dusek’s past, he knows that he has a choice to make. No matter what he does, however, he knows that someone is going to get hurt. Livie thought walking away from her husband was the hardest thing she ever had to do. What she doesn’t know is that he now holds information that is going to change everything. The final installment of M.S. Parker’s Twisted Affair series is here. See how the roller coaster ends.



Still reeling from the shock of truth he has learned about Livie and Kathka he is determined to help Livie come to terms with the past.

He cares for her deeply and it is because of her that he stood up to his father when he came calling to pay off Livie out of the agreement after discovering her “illness”.

This is one twisted story bit it was brilliant a definite 5 stars for sure.



My life was almost back on track. I actually enjoyed my job. I had a gorgeous wife who my family loved, and an equally gorgeous girlfriend who I loved. But I couldn’t shake this feeling that it was all going to hell soon.

As Blayne Westmore tries to juggle the woman he’s married to and the woman he’s in love with, he begins to see that things aren’t as simple as he’d hoped. He has no doubt that he loves Katka Dusek, the fun-loving and passionate younger twin, but he also finds himself thinking more and more about her more serious, intelligent sister, Livie. When he finds out the truth, however, it shakes him to his core and leaves him with the most difficult decision he’ll ever have to make. Don’t miss the biggest twist yet in the penultimate installment of M.S. Parker’s latest series, Twisted Affair!


Blayne is falling in love with Kathka but also his feelings for Livie are developing in a different way. When both girls decided that he should be with the other and leave him notes to that effect they disappear.

Blayne is distraught as losing both and hires a PI to find out where they have gone. I doubt every much he was expecting  to hear what the PI had to say and this twist I was kinda expecting something along those lines but I still wasn’t prepared for it.




When I realized I’d slept with my wife’s twin sister, I’d thought everything was going to be over. My marriage. My agreement with my father. But my wife didn’t seem to know and I wanted to keep it that way. There was one little problem. I couldn’t seem to let things go.

Blayne Westmore has just found out that he hasn’t been sleeping with his wife, gorgeous former model Livie Dusek. Instead, he’s been sleeping with her identical twin, Katka. He knows he should break it off, but there’s something about her that draws him to her. Now he just needs to figure out what that something is. Livie’s thankful when her husband suddenly stops trying to make moves on her, but when she figures out why, she’s surprised at how much it bothers her. She knows it shouldn’t. Their marriage is business only, after all. She’s all but expected Blayne to find women to warm his bed. She just never thought it would be her sister. And she never thought she would care. Don’t miss out on book three of M.S. Parker’s steamy series, Twisted Affair.


Blayne has discovered that he been sleeping with his wife’s twin sister and continues to do so behind Livie’s back. What he doesn’t know is that she has worked it out but doesn’t tell them, after all to her their marriage is but a business transaction.

This is certainly a twisted story but oh so good!



When I proposed to Livie Dusek, I didn’t really think that she’d say yes, but I was glad she did. Marrying her would keep my inheritance secure and my dad off of my back. Then we slept together and I thought things were even better. I had no idea.

Ladies’ man and partier Blayne Westmore has been forced into marriage, but his Czech wife is smoking hot and seems to have gone back on her previous rule about no touching…or has she? Livie doesn’t know why her business-only husband has suddenly decided it’s okay to try to kiss her, or why he keeps saying that they’ve slept together. She hopes her sister Katka isn’t right that Blayne is just trying to get her into bed, but she’s determined to rebuff his advances as much as possible. Once her three years are up and she has her money, she’s done, and nothing that Blayne says will stop her. Volume two in M.S. Parker’s sexy new series is full of twists, turns and heat. Don’t miss it!


So Blayne and Livie are now married – and they have set boundaries or rather Livie has – she will not sleep with him. So imagine his surprise when they eventually do sleep together only to have Blayne wonder why she has gone cold on him the next day and demands that they never slept together.

He discovers that Livie has a twin sister  Kathka – it couldn’t be her he slept with could it??



I’ve always loved my life. Women, drugs and alcohol. Three of the greatest things in the world. Then my father decided that I wasn’t living up to the high standards of our family and gave me an ultimatum. Get married or lose it all.

When Blayne Westmore screws up for the thousandth time, his father lays down the law. Blayne has to find a wife and settle down or he’ll be disowned. Twenty-three year-old Livie Dusek is a Czech immigrant working hard towards the American dream – one that doesn’t involve love. But when a handsome stranger offers her a marriage proposal and more money than she could ever dream off, she accepts, much against her sister’s wishes. Livie has just one rule for her future husband: No sex between them. Don’t miss the newest steamy series from best-selling author M.S. Parker.


This was a brilliant read. yet again M.S Parker has written another brilliant series.

Blayne is you typical spoilt rich kid whose life revolves around drink drugs and having sex with strippers.
After one raucous night that sees him end up in jail his father issues him an ultimatum – basically clean up, get married or get cut off financially.
Faced with the option of an arranged business marriage he storms out of his father’s house and gets drunk in a bar where he meets Livive.
Could she be the answer to his problems? Could he get his father off his back?





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