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RUN by Jackie McLean



by Jackie McLean
Genre: Crime, Thriller



DI Donna Davenport and her team are under pressure.

With the hunt on for the country’s most notorious cop killer and an ongoing complex international investigation, the murder of a local thug during a football match is the last thing the police need.

But as more incidents overload the police, and fear brings vigilante mobs onto the streets, suspicion grows that the mayhem is being orchestrated.

One man can make it stop. With the city heading towards chaos and disaster, Donna prepares to abandon caution and the rules, even if it means she is ostracised by her own team.

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The forest loomed ahead, threatening to swallow the silver Audi as it left the A97 and crept onto a rough woodland track that led towards Loch Kinord.  Jonas Evanton liked his Audis, and he grimaced as the track overwhelmed the suspension momentarily.  Taking the speed right down, he manoeuvred the potholes that had appeared over the course of this unusually harsh early winter. 

            Despite the trees having hardly any leaves left, the sun barely penetrated this part of the birchwood, and Evanton found himself straining to make out the way ahead.  He’d only been this way once before, and he remembered how tricky the track was to navigate.  That was part of the appeal, though.  It wouldn’t be easy for anybody to come looking for him out here.

            Up ahead and tucked into an enclave near the loch was a small stone cottage with an outhouse.  The cottage belonged to an older couple, Mr and Mrs Marr, who’d lived there for the best part of their 40 years of marriage.  No family, the couple kept pretty much to themselves and were rarely seen in any of the surrounding village shops.  When the police had visited during their sweep of Deeside properties in a desperate attempt to find Evanton’s bolthole, the Marrs had little to tell them.  There were no visitors, and walkers rarely came around this side of the loch.  They would certainly have noticed anything out of the ordinary.  The cottage was logged in a file with all the rest, being of no further interest in the investigation.

            A week after the police had been, Evanton paid the Marrs a visit.  Now the Marrs lay side by side in a shallow grave amongst the trees, and the cottage was free of attention for Evanton to use as he pleased.

            A clunk and a muffled torrent of incoherent words suddenly came from the boot of the car, and almost made Evanton swerve off the track.  A flash of anger brought him back to the present.  His unwilling passenger had better not cause him any trouble.

About the Author

Jackie lives in Glasgow and has a varied background, including being a government economist, a political lobbyist, and running a pet shop in Glasgow’s Southside (ask her anything about pets). She currently works with East Ayrshire Council, where until recently her job involved frequent visits to Kilmarnock Prison.

Toxic is her first crime novel, introducing DI Donna Davenport, and was shortlisted in the Yeovil Literary Prize before publication by ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd.
The sequel, Shadows, was published in October 2017, and
Her third book in the DI Davenport series (Run) will be published in October 2019.

Jackie has appeared at crime writing festivals Newcastle Noir, Crime at the Castle and Literally @ Newbattle, and regularly appears at Noir at the Bar events (including Edinburgh, Newcastle, Dundee and Dunfermline). She also forms part of the Dangerous Dames and Murder & Mayhem along with a number of other crime writers, and has appeared at events in libraries and bookstores across Scotland as part of these. She is one of Bloody Scotland’s 2019 Crime in the Spotlight authors.

Until recently, Jackie ran the writing group at Waterstones Braehead, and has also run creative writing sessions with the men in Kilmarnock Prison.

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