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Drive-By Shouting
by Mark Chase



When Matt Mann grabbed showbiz success by the throat, he also trampled on the dreams of Gram Kane, his closest friend. Matt has ridden the gravy train for seven heady years, while successfully keeping a lid on his old friend’s resentment. That is; until now.

Matt’s moral vacuum has now seen him betray yet another friend – but this time, it’s one who has the power to ruthlessly punish him, and take away everything that he’s achieved.
Drive-By Shouting is an exhilarating showbiz ride, with a bitter comic edge and a palpable undercurrent of malevolence

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Author Spotlight Questions

  • Years Ago – I was born and raised in Liverpool, the unexpected product of a teenage relationship between 2 students at Liverpool Art Institute (where my parents were fellow students to John Lennon). I grew up immersed in music, firstly in choirs and orchestras –  and then, at the age of 15, I joined my first band. I was instantly hooked. I left Liverpool at 18 to attend Coventry University (although it was a polytechnic in those days!), before being magnetically drawn to London.
  • Family –  my paternal grandmother was a dancer on the West End stage and her sister was a major movie star in the 1930s (Jessie Matthews).  As a child, I lived with both this grandmother and also my maternal grandmother, who was an amateur actress, director and poet. Between these two women, I was variously taught how to tap dance (badly), sing early West End musical numbers and stand up on stage without looking nervous. It was, I suppose, inevitable that I would end up spending a large proportion of my life on stage.  Nowadays, my immediate family is my wife, Jacqueline, and our four children.  We live in East Sussex, about an hour out of London, which seems to give us the best of both worlds.
  • Work –  I’ve had an unusual career.  After university, my first two jobs were in the television production side of the charities; Sport Aid and Comic Relief.  As a direct result of this, I ended up as a television presenter, working for all of the main UK channels over 12 years, whilst also working as a session musician; playing bass for Belinda Carlisle, keyboards for Taylor Dayne and guitar and vocals for numerous other acts including Big Trouble, John Barrowman and Carol Decker/T’Pau.  Whilst doing all of this, I was also writing reviews and columns for the NME, Sounds, Esquire, Maxim and Red magazine, amongst others. 

    I then got a record deal with Sony records and released two albums as the singer and songwriter of the 90s’ rock group World of Leather. I have subsequently set up a non-media business that allows me to carry on performing as a musician –  although, since my wife and I had four children, I restrict this to relatively local appearances; I have no desire to spend two months on a tour bus again!

  • Hobbies –  I am extremely fortunate that I have managed to make my hobbies into my work –   with the notable exception of football, where my talents have somehow been ignored by the Premiership!  Despite my pleas, Liverpool FC seem to have coped quite well without me.  It’s possibly a sign of belated maturity, that I find I now really enjoy gardening and walking. I am a bit obsessed with historical maps.
  • Future –  I see my future very much bedded in writing. I found the process of writing a novel incredibly immersive and thoroughly satisfying. I have 2 projects underway – and I’m currently seeing which one has legs!


The Author

Drive-By Shouting is the new novel by Broadcaster, Songwriter and Author, Mark Chase.

Liverpool born, Chase has been a TV Presenter on a variety of shows, including; The Survivors Guide, Sextalk (both C4), Breakfast Time, Going Live! (BBC1), Wideangle, Country File (ITV) and Toyah & Chase (VH-1). On Radio, he has hosted BBC 5Live’s After Hours and The Chase is On. Behind the scenes, he has worked as a Producer on both Comic Relief & Sport Aid and has written for several publications, including Esquire, the NME, Melody Maker, Maxim and Red.

Mark was the leader of the notorious 90’s band World of Leather, who released 2 albums and numerous singles through Sony Records. They toured extensively in the UK and Europe and sold respectably in Japan & Scandinavia, whilst skillfully avoiding the UK charts.

Prior to this, Chase had been a successful session musician & session singer, working with numerous artists including Belinda Carlisle, Taylor Dayne, Big Trouble & John Barrowman.

He lives in East Sussex with his wife, Jacqueline, and their 4 children.


I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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