[Great Summer Reads Countdown] Zenobia – Challenging a Legend (book 2) by Russ Wallace

Great Summer Reads Countdown with @lovingthebook
Day 16 – Zenobia – Challenging a Legend (book 2) by @Zenobiaseries


Russ Wallace is long-time student of history and religion. He employs a vivid imagination to fill in the life of Zenobia, a real historical figure and one of the most fascinating women who ever lived. 
He is working on future books in the Zenobia Book Series. Zenobia – Birth of a Legend won a 2012 IPPY award in Historical Fiction.


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Sequel to the award-winning Zenobia – Birth of a Legend.
The continuing saga of the deadly young warrior who will one day challenge Rome for the supremacy of her world. As the dynamic girl continues her education in Egypt, for a time she is diverted from her warrior path. Complicating Zenobia’s life is a budding romance with her brilliant and charismatic instructor. The challenge – he is the scholar, she the warrior. Can they blend their worlds to become the most exciting couple in Alexandria?
Learning of a slave trade in kidnapped young women, Zenobia determines to free the oppressed. Warrior skills will not be enough. Her new challenge – to become a pirate, then a temptress in her fight for justice.

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Shanzar woke Zenobia for her watch. The fire had burned low and
the night air was cool, so she added a few pieces of dried wood. She propped
her saddle against a small tree for a backrest, and, using her blanket as a
cape, she settled in to think about Longinus. The problem is exactly as Mother
said, she admitted to herself. I love the world of academics, but I want to
rule and eliminate injustice. She paused and reconsidered. At least, as much of
it as I can.
Are you sure Longinus is what you want? Or whom you want? She
reflected deeply before she admitted that she was not sure. The wise course
would be to observe how their relationship expanded or contracted over the next
few months.
At the same time, she felt conflicted in view of her recent
feelings for Salim. He is a warrior like me and he is more practical than I am.
Sometimes I feel like he is reading my mind, we are so similar. We would also
be a great match, except …
Her contemplation was interrupted by a soft noise in the thicket
nearby. Instantly her mind and senses went to high alert. She slung a quiver
over her shoulder and picked up her bow. She felt the reassuring sword at her
side as she crept stealthily toward the sound. It was difficult to see in the
thicket with only the stars for light, and it required patience to maintain her
It took her nearly half an hour to draw close to the spot where
she judged the rustling had originated. It might be a hunting lion. Then she
heard very low voices. No lion! She crept closer and strained to hear the
“How can we attack them now?” a voice whispered. “We can’t even
see anything.”
“Then neither can they,” another voice whispered back. “We
outnumber them ten to four, plus we would have the advantage of surprise.”
A third man joined, “If we don’t bring the girl back alive, we
will have to disappear to save ourselves. It’s too risky when we can’t see. I
say we take them tomorrow.”
Zenobia heard them starting to withdraw and decided to kill the
three now. Then the soft trill of a night bird startled her, and she whirled to
her left, bow and arrow ready. Did she glimpse the shadow of a man? It was hard
to be sure. She heard the trill a second time. Could it be Cam?
She returned a barely audible trill. She could hardly hear the
“Zee” that came in response. She crept silently toward Cam, but still on high
“Well done,” he spoke a quiet commendation. “Not tonight, though.
We will deal with them tomorrow when they attack us.” He nodded his head back
toward their camp.


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