[Review] Hart of Seattle Series by L. E. Maguire

Starting Over:
Ella Martin was devastated by the events surrounding her divorce. Determined to start over, she relocates from New Jersey to Washington to be a photographer with her longtime friend, Renatta. Having been emotionally scarred by her ex-husband’s betrayal, Ella didn’t believe she would ever be able to trust another man again. Then she met Xavier Hart, a successful CEO of an investment firm. She soon discovers that she cannot resist the dangerously handsome Xavier. But her struggles with her intense jealousy and trust issues start to clash with his controlling tendencies. As their relationship develops, she discovers the reason for his controlling nature over her and his desperate need to keep her safe. When her ex-husband suddenly relocates to Washington, her past and present collide in a dangerous way.
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I loved and hated this book. The thing that I hated the most was Ella and her constant jealousy and whiny attitude, I sometimes forgot she was a 35 year old grown woman.

So now that the negative is out the way I loved this book. The whole love at first sight by meeting on a plane then another chance meeting at a restaurant leading to them falling in love was different.
The relationship did move a helluva fast – like really really fast – that sometimes I forgot the time frame was weeks when in most relationships it would have been months.
Ella as a character was jealous to the point that I cringed at some parts and felt like saying “really!?” She was married for 16 years where as Xavier had never been married so it was going to be obvious that he would have several ex-girlfriends….. Not to Ella and that took a bit of the enjoyment from the story.
Xavier is my new book boyfriend- not only is he an insanely hot alpha male and rich CEO but he is closer to my age! Now I don’t feel so bad lusting over him. He is also a true romantic and clearly loves Ella dearly but he is also jealous and over protective.
The story line involving Ella’s ex gave the element of drama that added to the tension throught out.
All in all a good first book. 
5 stars
New Beginnings:
Ella Martin, having overcome a devastating divorce, quickly found herself caught-up in a whirlwind romance with Xavier Hart, a charismatic and successful CEO of an investment firm.
As their romance quickly blossoms towards a more serious commitment, Ella tries to come to terms with her fear of getting hurt. While Ella struggles to realize if her love for Xavier is greater than her fear of another husband betraying her, her ex-husband, Stephen, is still deviously lurking in the background.
When Stephen gets involved with someone else, Xavier is not convinced that he no longer poses a danger to Ella. Xavier’s struggle with his need to keep Ella safe only intensifies.
When strange events surrounding Ella start to take place, Xavier believes his suspicions of Stephen are warranted, and he will do whatever it takes to keep Ella safe. But is Stephen really the one who is conspiring against them or is there another who is working maliciously to destroy them? The love story of Ella and Xavier that began in Starting Over concludes in New Beginnings.
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This was a great conclusion to Ella and Xavier’s story.
Whilst Ella is still jealous and annoying with how she still cant see how much she an effect on Xavier its clear that their love will conquer all.
With Ella’s ex still in the picture with a plot line, I didn’t expect what or who to be involved and how it played out. So that was good. This book had the plot twists and drama with that, but it was still just a little PG rated with the sex scenes. I could see the point maybe in book one but in this one I did expect a little more from that, not that it was needed but since more often than not they were going at it like bunnies I would have made a wee bit sense 🙂
I loved their love and was happy with how it all turned out.
 Still a 5 stars though.
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