[Review] 39 weeks – Terri Douglas

39 Weeks Book Cover 39 Weeks
Terri Douglas
Chick Lit
26th August 2012

To her utter dismay Judy discovers she is pregnant. She knows it’s the end of everything, sex, sleep, going out, and generally having a life. The father was a one night Bacardi induced mistake who’s now long gone, thank goodness.
She struggles with prenatal check-up’s and scans and copes with her first craving and leaky boobs, not to mention her ever increasing waistline, and say’s goodbye to size 10 dresses and pretty underwear, although who’s going to be seeing her in her underwear ever again pretty or not she has no idea, and resigns herself to ‘fat clothes’. All Judy wants is to not be pregnant and to be able to get on with her self-imposed never having another relationship life. ‘I mean who needs some bloke telling you how to do everything, or anything, while they consistently bollocks things up.’
Then to add to her quandary, on a last fling night out before the bump gets too noticeably big, she meets the gorgeous Rob who could have been her ‘The One’ if only she wasn’t pregnant.


There comes a time when a book ends up on the DNF (did not finish) pile. Sadly this is one of them.

Maybe it is because I have just had a baby, but this book dragged on for me. I just could not get into it at all! I started this book back in January when I was almost due to have my 3rd child, and now it is almost the end of May and I still haven’t finished it.

It just doesn’t hold my attention for very long and the main character Judy comes across as being an annoying wet fish. Sorry to be so blunt but she does – to me anyway.

Judy reminded me of a family member when she was pregnant – and not in a good way.

I just cant finish this book so for the time being I am going to shelf it – maybe I will get round to finishing it off, but really I don’t think it is likely.


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