#review This is How I Spell Grief By Erik Lewin

Learn to address grief on your own terms, to make true and
lasting peace with your loss…

By Erik Lewin

Self-Help, Jeffrey Park Press, 126 pp.



Erik Lewin shares how he turned
the profound loss of his mother and father into life-changing growth, with
intimacy, warmth and humor. He offers a no-nonsense, commonsense way to create
your personal path to acceptance of your loss.
Lewin became an expert in his grief experience twice over, encouraging readers
to find their own way, as no two lives or losses are the same. He eschews
expert opinions and general analyses of grieving in favor of common sense,
letting you know you are not alone in how you’re feeling. He shares how he
turned his loss into an impetus to personal change. A former criminal defense
lawyer, Lewin is now a full time writer and standup comedian.


This Is How I Spell Grief takes a counter-intuitive approach
to self-help; there are no eight simple exercises to get over it. Instead, you
gradually learn to address grief on your own terms, to make true and lasting
peace with your loss.



“Generous, intimate and deeply personal, even
funny at times. I believe this book will help readers work with their own
grief.” – NOAH BRUCE, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director,
Salinas Valley Medical Clinic

work. Everything I felt about my father’s recent death and my best friend’s
death 14 years ago was articulated in this writing. It truly is a wonderful
tome on helping one to manage their grief after the death of a loved one.” – Philip Peredo

“This is the book that I wished I had many years ago when
first confronting the passing of my father. The author expertly navigates all
of the issues that one encounters when grieving. It’s a remarkable book in that
even for those who think we have a handle on their grief, the author helps us
understand new ways to engage with grief. It’s definitely not a self-help book,
but I found it much more profound and valuable.” – AKF




This is How I Spell Greif By Erik Lewin is not your run of the mill grief self-help book, it is based on the authors own grief experience making this a truly raw feeling book to read. He talks about grief, his father passing away young, and losing his mother to cancer. 

We all know that death, and the death of a loved one is inevitable but it doesn’t lessen the blow that their loss will deliver. I find grief to be a universal yet very personal experience – everyone will grieve in a different way and many may not even make it through the many steps. I resonated with so much of what Erik has written in this book and found his approach to grief – dare I say -refreshing. I read many a book on this subject when my father passed away a few years ago, and in honestly I wish this had been available then as this was one that I could relate to the most.

4 stars


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Erik Lewin is the author of three books – This is How I Spell GriefAnimal Endurance, and Son of Influence – as well as numerous essays published in Ponder Review, GNU Journal, David Magazine, Real Vegas Magazine &Literate Ape. Erik is also a stand-up comedian who performs in clubs and venues around the country. He formerly practiced law as a criminal defense attorney in New York City and Los Angeles. He is at work on a new one-man show loosely based on This is How I Spell Grief.

Erik lives in Las Vegas with his wife and their furry pets.

Visit his website at www.eriklewincomedy.com or connect with him on Facebook and Goodreads.


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