[Review] Behind the Stars by Leigh Talbert Moore

This is series set over several mini books.
I was given book 1 & 2 free in exchange for my honest review, this does not alter my review in any way.


Captive book 1

Well to say that I was confused from the get go is an understatement. But it was confusing in such a way that made me want to keep reading. Whilst this a really really short read it gave the right amount of intrigue to peak my interest.

I enjoyed the format, though I ultimately don’t understand why authors do this episodic format as I just want to keep reading – now! And hate waiting so long for such a short book.

Anyway, Prentiss is kidnapped whilst walking to work and then the confusion starts. When she comes too she is with others from her town and told that they will be put to work on the farm.

There is talk or war, terrorism and even alien invasion.

I want to know more, more, more



Learning to spy book 2

This one picks up right up where book ends, and thankfully I was able to jump right in after reading Captive.

We are still confused as to what the captors are about, where they are from and just what do they mean when it will all be over soon?

Prentiss is set on escaping and wants to grow close to two of the captors whilst working in the dairy barn. This episode is at a slower pace but still poses a lot of questions. I am getting the hang of the whole mini series way of publishing 🙂

Once again I am left confused and wanting more info, it is extremely hard to review such a short book without giving much away by means of spoilers. But not much happened on this one other than Prentiss helping in the dairy barn more, once they found out she knew a lot about cows.


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