[Review] Blind Spot by Adam Zorzi

Title: Blind Spot

Series: Blind Justice Book 1

Author: Adam Zorzi

Genre: Suspense/Thriller with Paranormal Element

Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC 

After spending years rebuilding his life, the woman who left Dan Ramsay devastated and broken wants him back…

Despite enjoying life with his wife Jill and their daughter in a leafy old suburb of Richmond, Virginia, Dan succumbs to temptation after a chance run-in with his former lover Bella. Recovering from their break-up took three years, and a lot of psychiatric intervention, yet Bella still has a hold on him he can’t seem to let go. He’s consumed by an affair with her for over a year until he promises his dying father that he will finally break it off.

But when Dan’s wife is found dead, all the evidence leads to him…

Dan is the prime suspect. It doesn’t help that they think he lied about his alibi and involvement with another woman. Bella killed herself fifteen years ago. Dan’s affair has been with a ghost. His vehement proclamations that Bella can’t be dead land him in the famous, haunted Petersburg psychiatric hospital for a determination of competency to stand trial for capital murder.

Dan’s brother offers him the opportunity to run, but Dan wants to find the truth…

Someone killed his wife and it wasn’t him. Confined to an asylum renowned for paranormal phenomena and murder, Dan must find a way to prove his innocence and that Bella’s ghost is real for the sake of his own sanity.

But even the dead have a thirst for vengeance…


Adam Zorzi is a new to me author and I have to say I really enjoyed his first book.

I have to admit that I did not like Dan very much as a person, but then I think back to how I have been in the past when Mork visited me – this is Dan and his wife’s nickname for depression and I can kinda see why he acted like he did at certain points during the book – if you have never experienced depression even on a small scale then you might think he is a bit of an arse – though I have to admit how he went about some thing did have me going hell no!

That aside, the book starts off with a news report of a killing in the Psychiatric hospital being cited at unexplained and possibly paranormal then we are introduced to Dan and Jill.

They have a good marriage and 10 year old daughter Katie – it is clear that Jill is Dan’s rock and without her I don’t know what he would he do. We find out why Dan had a psychotic breakdown – all due to a girl called Bella who they were madly in love with when they were 17 years old but she broke his heart and down he went into a deep depression that his family thought he would never recover from. He did and he met Jill and they have been happy ever since.

That is until he bumps into Bella one day as she is passing through town on a conference. From here his life takes a turn for the worst, he ends up having an affair with her for at least a year to which his father finds out and basically calls him out about it. It goes from bad to worse when his father dies and Dan resents him for saying the horrible things he did about him wanting to leave Jill and be with Bella – totally agreed with his Dad on this by the way.

How could it get any worse for Dan? Oh it does and I really wasn’t expecting the events following his father’s death to happen but boy was I shocked at the ending.

This is not a HEA by the way, and you know what I am glad as this is not type of story. I know one thing I can not wait to read more from Adam – he has me well and truly hooked.

Born in Venice, Italy, Adam is the author of Blind Spot, Blind Trust, and Blind Rage set in Richmond, Virginia that form the Blind Justice Trilogy. He lives in New York.



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