[Review] The 44 series by Jools Sinclair

By Jools Sinclair



I read the first book back in 2012 but only recently re-discovered this series again on my kindle when I was looking through it for something. at the time there was only 6 book, but since picking it back up again I discovered the series went up to book 13!

Book 1
Abby died, for 44 minutes that is before being resuscitated. This story follows the aftermath of the accident and her visions that she started to have showing murders in the town.
It was a really simple story but one that sucked me in with all then mystery as to who it was.
The ending threw me for a loop as I wasn’t expecting that.

Book 2
We pick up the story some time after book 1. Abby has come to terms though not fully accept what happened after her accident but she is finally in a good place.
She has a job, friends and no visions. That is until she sees a woman, standing or rather floating in the middle of the river! She is sure she needs to help her move on so gets her sister Kate to help.
The ending I did not see coming let alone expect! It will annoy people the way it just ends without answering any questions, but I have book 3 so can dive straight into it.
Jools has a very simplistic writing style that I actually enjoy, I did notice she upped the descriptive game more so compared to the first book.

Book 3
After the ending of book 2 Abby wakes up to find herself kidnapped by Dr Nathaniel Mortimer, someone who she thought was being apprehended by his brother Ben.
she is being held prisoner on an island with Nathaniel, as he wants to experiment in her to see why his serum worked on her and her alone when it brought her back to life.

this was good to get the reason behind why Nathaniel had turned out like he had. it was a bit slow to start with but picked up with that ending.
I am not sure what direction the next book will take but something tells me that I don’t think we are done with the Dr yet.

Book 4
Abby is putting her life back together after being rescued from the island. and she feels she is able to put the Dr behind her.
She stars to develop her relationship with Ty and I think they are rally good together but she is struggling with telling him about seeing ghosts. When she sees the ghost KS a young boy called Spenser, she discovers a much more chilling story behind his death and that he is also the brother of Mo a barista she works with.
Abby not only has that to deal with but she is warned about a darkness creeping toward her, and something big about to happen.

This as a good instalment, I am loving the books and the other characters that are coming into play. Sinclair’s writing is still very casual.

Book 5
OK this one was a little flat for me. I have loved Abby in the previous books but I don’t know why she was made to be so weak in this one by the author….
I am still giving it four stars as once it built up and we see Paloma and Abby go through the possession, see Abby sort out her feeling with Ty only to have him flake out when she get possessed after saying she loves Jesse – that is one messed up love triangle but one she has chosen to work on with Ty, a part of her will always love Jesse but she knows and accepts !? that she can’t continue to love a ghost.
hope book 6 sees Abby back to normal.


Book 6
This was better than the last instalment – Abby is back to her usual character, and she stars to see a vision that is unlike her previous one, a vision that shows that she may have time to save the woman in it.
We also her Abby deal with Ty going AWOL to “think things through” as he is tired of living the shadow of Jesse, rightly so but after what she went through I felt he should have been with her. The whole book they were basically broken up.
This is a lot more suspenseful and picked up the feeling that I got when I read book 1 – I have loved all the books in the series, though I did feel it drop in book 5 but it has definitely picked back up again.

Book 7
An old friend returns to Bend and a blackness also makes it arrival along with a ghost dog.
Nathaniel is back in ghost form causing mischief and we are left wondering if Jesse will stay or finally move on – allowing Abby to finally move on completely with Ty.
I do hope he does as as much as I love his character he is holding Abby back

Book 8
This book sees Abby going in a different direction with her gift or curse, a Detective gets in touch with her and asks her to assist on a missing person case – Emily Rose went missing 6 months ago and they have now reached a cold trail.
After reading all the books prior to this one, I have to say that this (so far) is the best on in the series.

Book 9
So Abby and Ty are back on track, Jesse isn’t showing up as much and live is getting good again.
That is until she has to help yet another ghost – but this one was help with a twist. There was someone warning her to stay away in her search to help Charlie Modine though her ghost radar must be off as it took a direction at the end that I wasn’t expecting.

Book 10
Abby pushes her limits and sees what she believes to a future premonition of some walkers stuck in the wildfire on the mountin. She tried to tell the relevant people but they sneer at her “gift” so she takes matters into her own hands and goes looking for them herself. Not only does she find them and get stick from the authorities Dr Mortimer returns – I knew we hadn’t seen the last of him! And this book did not turn out like I expected at all! Dr Ben Mortimer was a little strange in this book and when we get to the ending we soon discover why… oh my god I have never been so glad to have the next book in a series in my life, and how it ends will leave you going OMG!



Book 11
Abby is on the run, she has left everyone behind Ty, Kate, her job and is being guided by the man who we meet in book 9. We soon discover his story toward the end of this book and the reasons behind why Jesse doesn’t trust him. Abby ends up in New Mexico hiding and keeping low by working the farms – god I will never look at a chilli the same way again! She makes new friends whilst here – eventually even though they wonder why a white girl is working the farms. This was a good book, filled with an feeling that something bigger is going to happen.

Book 12

Book 13


44 Book Cover 44
Jools Sinclair
You Come Too Publishing
March 10th 2011

Last year after falling through the ice, seventeen-year-old Abby Craig woke up from death - but she woke into a world she barely recognizes. She can't see colors, memories have been erased, and her friends all hate her. And then there's Jesse, who she loves, but who refuses to forgive her the one mistake she made long ago.

Just when she thinks it can't get any worse, the visions begin. In them, she sees a faceless serial killer roaming the streets. While the police believe that there have been a lot of accidents in town lately, Abby knows differently. And she soon realizes that it's up to her to find him. But to stop him, she'll have to confront more than just the killer. She'll have to face something else that was lost in those dark waters: the truth.


I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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