[Review] The Glade -by Harmony Kent

The Glade Book Cover The Glade
Harmony Kent
Mystery & Suspence
Nov 15th 2013

The Wenstrops have it all: health, wealth and happiness. But then it all begins to fall apart. Helen is arrested for murder, yet is either unable or unwilling to give a defence. During her detention, vital evidence goes mysteriously missing and tensions are running high.

Helen finds herself surrounded and yet alone: not knowing who she can trust or how she can tell her enemies from her friends. Helen has to work through her self-doubts and fears, in order to know whether her suspicions and misgivings are valid or simply products of an overwrought mind. There are those who would like to encourage her confusion, and those who would help her – but how to know one from the other? And then there are those who actively mean her harm.

Meanwhile, malignant forces in the forest are gathering power, ready for a final assault. Helen finds herself in a battle of life and death, and faces having to lose everything in her attempts to thwart the evil that has insinuated itself into her very existence - but is she ready to make the ultimate sacrifice?

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When I got this book to review, I had no idea what to expect but from the moment I started reading I was hooked!

The story starts off with Helen and her husband Geoff getting away from dealing with stress by holidaying in a nice little cottage and then discovering the glade.From that moment on they are sucked into the magic and mystery that the glade has to offer.

The story was fast paced enough to keep you wanting more but not overwhelmingly so that you felt the story was being rushed.  Like I say I was hooked, and the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen next kept me going.

Suspense, mystery and fantasy this story has it all! There are so many twists and turns and you really get drawn into the characters emotions throughout the book. It was a brilliant read and I cant wait to see what else Harmony Kent hast offer.

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About the Author:
Indie Author Harmony Kent is an award winning multi-genre author. Her publications include:

The Battle for Brisingamen (Fantasy Fiction) AIA approved
The Glade (Mystery/Thriller) AIA Approved/BRAG Medallion Honouree/New Apple Literary Awards Official Selection Honours 2015
Elemental Earth (YA Fantasy Fiction)
Polish Your Prose: Essential Editing Tips for Authors (Writing/Editing) New Apple Literary Awards Top Medallist Honours 2015
Finding Katie (Women’s Fiction)
Slices of Soul (Contemporary Poetry)
Interludes (Erotic Short Stories)
Moments (Short Stories and Poetry)
Jewel in the Mud (Zen Musings)
Backstage (Erotic Romance)

As well as being an avid reader and writer, Harmony also offers reviews and supports her fellow indie authors, Harmony works hard to promote and protect high standards within the indie publishing arena. She is always on the look out for talent and excellence, and will freely promote any authors or books who she feels have these attributes. Harmony lives in Cornwall, England.

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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