[Review] The Harbor of Lies (Paradise Valley Mystery #6) by Debra Burroughs

The Harbor of Lies Book Cover The Harbor of Lies
Paradise Valley Mystery #6
Debra Burroughs
Lake House Books
March 16th 2014
Kindle Unlimited

From NY Times bestselling author Debra Burroughs comes Book 6 in the wildly popular Paradise Valley Mystery series.

The captivating romance between sassy private-eye Emily Parker and sexy police detective Colin Andrews has been filled with mystery, danger, and intrigue. He’s finally convinced her to marry him—if only they can make it to the altar unscathed. Days before the wedding, when Emily discovers a dead body outside her hotel room door, she and Colin, along with their wedding party, are drawn into another murder mystery, once more putting their love and commitment to the test. Can they solve the murder and make it to the altar before someone else winds up dead?


The Harbor of Lies
Paradise Valley #6
by Debra Burroughs

This is the penultimate instalment in the Paradise Valley Mystery series. Emily and Colin are planning their wedding but it happens sooner than anticipated as when Emily gets a call from her sister Susan saying she won’t be able to make the wedding no matter when it is, due her husband being badly injured in an accident, she offers Emily a cancellation date at the Rock Harbor Inn where she works, in Maine which is only two weeks away.

They decide to go for it and have a small wedding there with their close friends and a have a huge reception when they get back with everyone else. Now Emily has been having dreams about her ex-dead husband Evan and is convinced that she is seeing him when out and about in Maine, her friends are telling her it is wedding jitters and subconsciously feeling guilty about getting married again, she tried to brush it off but she is not convinced.

The setting is perfect for their wedding but just when you think their wedding is going to go smoothly, a body is found outside Emily’s hotel door – with only 2 days before the wedding can she and Colin help the town’s Chief find the murderer and have a wedding day without any interruption!

I would love to says but yes, but there was a twist that I didn’t see coming one bit! And in all honesty I am not sure how I feel about it all…


Turns out Emily wasn’t going mad after all and her ex-dead husband Evan is alive and well and not only did he fake his life he also faked his death as well! I didn’t like him for the pain and grief he put Emily through all those years mourning his death to suddenly waltz in on her wedding day to Colin!


About the Author


Debra Burroughs writes with intensity and power. Her characters are rich and the stories are full of compelling suspense and real romance. She can be found, most days, sitting in front of her computer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, dreaming up and writing about strong women, their relationships with men (good and bad), involved in exciting, mysterious, and romantic situations.

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