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Ghost of a Chance
A Banshee Creek Romance
by Ani Gonzalez
Paranormal Romance
Date Published: October 7, 2015

B-movie actress turned real estate agent Elizabeth Hunt should have it made. The real estate market is thriving and she had a fabulous house to sell. Too bad the house is in Banshee Creek, a tiny Virginia hamlet that has been recently crowned as the “Most Haunted Town in America.” But with the help of the Banshee Creek Historical Preservation Committee, Elizabeth hopes to put the ghost stories to rest. Her hometown will again be known for its vintage homes, its heirloom apple orchards, and its historical, not phantasmagorical, attributes, and she won’t let anyone, even her long-time crush, Gabe Franco, stand in her way.

Gabe Franco has a big problem. His new marketing campaign for Banshee Creek Cidery is based on one thing, ghosts. But the Historical Preservation Committee nutcases are trying to erase the town’s spookier traditions, and he has to stop them before they render his investment worthless. Unfortunately, the leader of the anti-ghost crusade is all-too-tempting Elizabeth Hunt, his best friend’s sister and the one woman who is strictly off limits. But when sexy real estate agent rallies the townsfolk against him, Gabe wonders if he’ll lose his business…or his heart.


Gabe pushed her away and stared.

Oh yes, the hair was lighter, but the cheekbones and the eyes, those were all painfully familiar. He hadn’t seen her in years. Hell, not even at Cole’s funeral. Well, he’d noticed her there, but he hadn’t seen her. She’d been a slender figure in black with pulled-back hair, nothing like the dazzling bombshell in front of him now.

He’d watched her low-budget movie, Cannibal Clones from Alpha Centauri or something like that, but she’d been a brunette then. She’d played the alien villainess, Princess Something. Apparently, Alpha Centauri princesses wore very little clothing, or, at least, the cannibal ones did. He’d watched the movie with Cole and, as a result, spent much time staring at the ceiling trying to avoid staring at his best friend’s little sister’s bellybutton. Cole’s dad had been livid, but Gabe had been amused. It was exactly the sort of trouble he’d expect Elizabeth to get into.

But he wasn’t amused now. What was Elizabeth doing, picking up guys in Banshee Creek? Successfully picking up guys in Banshee Creek, no less.

Hell, he’d almost had sex with Cole’s baby sister. Cole’s baby sister, who he wanted to kiss more than he wanted his next breath. He tried to think of what Cole would do to him if he were here. Then he decided that he really, really didn’t want to think of what Cole would do. It would be painful. And he’d thoroughly deserve it. And yet he still wanted to kiss her.

Hell. This was hell.



Ghost of a Chance was yet another fun quirky read from Ani Gonzalez. I love the town so much I want to go there!

This book is about Elizabeth, Cole’s sister and his best friend Gabe. I have a feeling a lot of this series is going to centre around Cole – he did start the whole paranormal society back in the days before he joined the army.

Elizabeth has returned to Banshee Creek after given up her acting career in LA to look after mother and help with the family business. Gabe is a successful business man and he has returned to make sure his best friends dream becomes a reality.

He wasnt banking on running into the Historical Preservation Society trying to block on his plan let alone run into and fall for Elizabeth.

This was a great read and I cant wait for more in this series.

4 stars


Ani Gonzalez loves sexy stories and quirky towns with spooky houses.  She currently lives in Minnesota with her family.


I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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