[Tour & Reveiw] The Vampire, The Handler, And Me by Eileen Sheehan

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Welcome to my stop on The Vampire, The Handler, And Me Tour.

Published by Eternal Press on September 1st 2015, you can read more about this book below!

In a romantic triangle of good and bad, it’s hard to tell who to trust. Lizzy Ewing is caught between two enemies; the handsome vampire, Nevi, and the hunky handler, Geoffrey. A handler herself, Lizzy must choose between Nevi and Geoffrey. One wants her for all the right reasons and one doesn’t. Will she discover who is who before the bad destroys the good?

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I love vampire stories and I am always looking for a new to me author who writes that genre. Eileen Sheehan created brilliant characters in this book. A lot happens in the first few chapters with regards to Lizzy.

Lizzy meets Nevi Sharp, who is classed as being the “A” list type of gorgeous whilst on her way home from a New Years Eve party,

Then she meets Geoffrey whilst at her parents house. He is the son of one of her parents friends and whilst he is gorgeous as well – she can’t believe her luck, he is stand off-ish with her during dinner. Later he tells he that not only is he a Handler, but she is too and will be on her 25th birthday and also to stay away from Nevi as he is a Vampire!
Not believing a word, she rushes out from the house to see Nevi.

I felt she jumped too much into a relationship with Nevi after such a short time, but then again I guess that is the vampire way. Geoffrey keept popping up warning her about Nevi that I think essentially pushed her more to him rather than away. Despite this Nevi treats her like a Queen and she loves it.

One thing about Lizzy that annoyed me was her feelings to either guy – she was all over the place with how she liked more, the problem with a love triangle I guess but it got a bit much.

This was good debut book and I love the characters and the whole Handle and vampire take on things.

4 stars.


About Eileen Sheehan:

Curl up with your e-reader or paperback and lose yourself in Eileen Sheehan’s exciting paranormal/fantasy world of magic, time travel, vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, and more! You’ll grab the edge of your seat, befriend -and maybe fall in love with- her heros and heroines and have a laugh or two as you enjoy her fast paced novels for readers of most ages.

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I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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    Thank you so much for being on the tour and for your review 🙂

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    Thank you for hosting my book tour and for the great review! It is sincerely appreciated. I will keep your review comments in mind for future writing as I (hopefully) progress to greater story telling for readers of my genre.

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