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Spearwood Academy Volume 1

Avalon Clementine, the first female of her kind, is painfully cursed to turn into her dragon form every night. She has so many questions about who she is and why her parents abandoned her days after she was born.

It seems as if someone has been listening and she may get a chance to learn about her past, but at what price? Will the all boys school of Spearwood Academy really help her? Will she even survive the first week?



I loved and hated this.

I loved the concept of a school for Dragaon, and Avalon being the only female dragon born in thousands of years. She shifts into a dragon every night which is a very painful experience for her, and she is under the impression that she is the only one of her kind. Avalon has lived with Edgar – whom she classes as her father, though really he “found” her in the Orchard and has been taking care of her for the last 15 years., and no one apart from Edgar knows what she really is.

When she turns 15 years old she learns that she is heading off to an elite school for people just like her, Spearwood Academy – an all boys school for Dragons. Excited at the prospect of meeting other people like her but also scared that she is the only female – despite there being a curse on the dragon kind that no female will live once born.

The whole plot premise was good, it has me intrigued as to what the curse was all about and what the people at Spearwood really had in store for Avalon.

Warning, this comes with a cliffhanger, as with all the volumes I have read (1-8) but they keep me hooked enough to read the next.

What I hated — way to many Harry Potter references, god job I have read them as if you haven’t you are screwed as the author doesn’t elaborate on the references at all. And also this is terribly edited – unless I received an unedited copy – but there are missing words in sentences, wrong words and the “” marks are all over the place that sometimes you don’t know when it actual character dialogue or thought….

3 stars


About the Author

A.S. Oren

I never really know how I should write these things. Do I go the professional, but boring route and talk about myself in the third person (which feels unnatural), or do I do first person, like a dating site? Sadly, second person doesn’t work here, that would be cool.

Something like:
You are looking at the profile of GoodReads author A.S. Oren. You know she is a cat person, and owns three of the little fuzzy things.

I digress. I live in Colorado, born and raised here all my life. Like you read above, I have three cats and want a big dog (perhaps an Alaskan Malamute).

I love writing, it’s one of the few things I get joy out of and know I’m good at. I’ve been doing it off and on since I could draw and think I was writing words with backwards sevens and squiggle lines.

I currently work as a graphic artist and editor.

Feel free to friend me or message. I like getting to know other people who like reading and writing, too.

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