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In the Shadows (Shadows
Trilogy Book 1)
V. L. Wren 
Dec 8th – Dec 22nd
Growing up surrounded by wealth and
privilege is normal for Ella. Enjoying all the advantages living on the vast
estate of Carrington Hall offer, life couldn’t get any better. But it only
takes one night for everything she has ever known to be snatched away from her
in the most brutal of ways.
In the midst of such devastating loss
Ella is forced to make drastic changes. Maturing quickly she has to overcome
the mounting obstacles no seventeen year old should face alone. Discovering the
darker side of sex at the hands of Alex, the deeply alluring heir to the estate
and love of her life, she struggles with the emotional turmoil of his
domineering demands and vicious punishments as she continues to come terms with
her new life.
A chance encounter in London with the
mysterious American Nick, has her questioning her entire relationship with
Alex. Nick is as much an enigma to her as she is to him. But fearing he is
running from his own demons she’s forced back into the ensnaring grasp of Alex.
When she unearths shocking family
secrets, everything she ever believed in crashes down around her and with
Alex’s continued threats and unpredictable behaviour escalating she’s lead to
make the ultimate sacrifice.
Text Copyright © 2014 V L Wren
All Rights Reserved


– December 31st.  Hampshire.


I growled.  I’m pretty sure I actually just growled.  Crossing my arms tightly in front of my
chest, I can feel my fingertips throb through lack of circulation.  I add an exaggerated pout to my face, but
still no one pays me any attention, story
of my life.
   Mum’s still squawking
at dad about his cornering, as she fights to keep the three large bowls of
pasta salad balanced precariously on her lap with one hand, using her death
grip to hang onto the door handle with the other, adding in a few threats of
what she’s going to do to certain parts of his anatomy if anything’s spilled on
her new dress.  Tom, sat next to me on
the back seat, is sniggering at a text message he’s busily replying to, as I
sigh in resignation.  Yep, there really
is no getting out of tonight. 
No sooner has that grim thought popped
into my head, Deborah and Ian Gregory’s non-descript semi-detached house, in a
street full of identical non-descript houses comes into view.  So what’s a girl to do?  I growl again.
It’s exactly seven on the dot and
surprise surprise we’re first to arrive.
Mum is obsessive about lots of things and punctuality is way up there on
her list.  There’s no such thing as
fashionably late in her vocabulary, even when the host’s invitation has been
less than genuine and at the last minute, with them only extending their offer
yesterday.  Of course we all know the
reason why and as much as I hope this evening won’t end in the same way they
usually do, it’s a deluded notion.  We
could go to a party in a monastery and mum would soon sniff out the sacramental
wine and get plastered.  I wouldn’t go so
far as to say she’s a secret alcy or anything, but when she drinks she does it
to Olympic gold medal standards, invariably embarrassing us in spectacular
From my slouched position in the car I
narrow my eyes on the house that will be my own private hell on earth for the
evening.  Biting my lip to stifle yet
another growl, I watch dad leap out of the car and rush round to open mum’s
door.  Ever the gentleman he extends his
hand to help her out, taking the bowls from her grasp as she smooth’s her long
blue dress down over her knees, fluffing out her long blonde curls.  Dad looks as handsome as ever in his navy
suit pale blue shirt and navy silk tie. Which of course mum chose to match her
dress perfectly.  With an exasperated
sigh and roll of my eyes I fling open my door and climb out of the car, dragging
my feet as I follow them up the path to the front door.  Mum gives Tom and I the once over, inspecting
our clothes, raising her brows at me expectantly.  I return a scowl in silent protest.
“Wrinkles Gabriella.”
“I’m fifteen mum.”  I grumble, as I obediently pull my shoulders
back and straighten my spine.  Tucking a
few mousy brown strands behind my ears, pre-empting a further lecture about
hiding my face behind my hair.  This is
something I do to draw attention away from myself and more specifically, my
eyes, which people always comment on, being such an unusual shade of jade
green.  Resisting the urge to roll, said
green eyes, I smile sweetly.  When mum’s
in this kind of mood I know better than to try her patience.  Even though I’ve been head and shoulders
taller than her for the last few years, she’s still my mum and she’s still
“Well you can at least try and act
like you’re happy to be here,” she snaps.
I drop my head, grimacing at the calf length black flared skirt and pink
blouse I’ve been forced to wear.  Pulling
my coat tighter around my waist, I cross my arms over my chest defensively,
watching as her face transforms with a huge grin when she looks over at Tom
appreciatively, ‘the golden child’, no such eyebrow raising or scrutiny for
him.  Satisfied that we all look like the
perfect family, the Hampshire version of The bloody Brady Bunch, she rings the
doorbell, proudly fussing over dad, fiddling with the knot of his tie,
smoothing the length down over his chest with her fingertips as he presses a
light kiss to her lips, sliding his hand down over her hip giving her bum a
quick squeeze.  I fight the urge to shove
my fingers down my throat and gag.  There
should be an age limit on public displays of affection.  They are too old.  Ground,
please swallow me up now!
So, first and foremost I’m mum to two fabulous boys, who fill my heart
with joy and drive me insane in equal measure.
I live just outside London and have my very own feral yank, (his own
description).  Who ironically I met after writing book 1, but in my eyes
is my very own Nick.  Haha.  He’s also the only person who calls me
Victoria.  But as he’s got the sexiest damned voice I’ve ever heard, I let
him get away with it. 
I thought about writing a book (or 3) for years, but as is generally the
case, life got in the way.  You have no idea how many stories I’ve started
and given up on over the years, but about two years ago I started In the
Shadows.  I never planned it as a trilogy, but as I got into the story and
the characters evolved, I just kept going.  I’ve loved writing every bit
of this story, and to me, Ella and the gang truly exist.  Albeit in the
small space between my ears.  But they are my escape from school runs,
laundry and teenagers homework! 
I still never planned on releasing the book.  It was just something
I wanted to say I’d done.  My one and only reader/fan was my sister-in-law
and I was more than content with this.  Even though she constantly
harassed me to publish it.  But it wasn’t until last year, when I was
diagnosed with and successfully treated for breast cancer, (sorry if that’s a
bit depressing) lol, that I decided, life is too short to not take a chance.
So I said, “fuck it, I’m doing this,” and I put it out there.
I know the story isn’t to everyone’s taste.  And the subject matter
is quite harrowing at times.  But what I will say is this, everyone that
deserves a HEA with get it, but there are a hell of a lot more twists and
shocks in store in the next two books.  Oh and a bitch of a cliff hanger
at the end of book 2.  Ooops!
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