Autumn/Halloween Countdown Once and Future Wife by Clarissa Kae

Autumn/Halloween Countdown 2020 with @lovingthebook
Day 10 – Once and Future Wife by Clarissa Kae
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Clarissa Kae is a preeminent voice whose professional career began as a freelance editor in 2007. She’s the former president of her local California Writers Club after spending several years as the Critique Director.
Since her first novel, she’s explored different writing genres and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await her upcoming release. With numerous awards to her name, Clarissa continues to honor the role of storyteller.
Aside from the writing community, she and her daughters founded Kind Girls Make Strong Women to help undervalued nonprofit organizations—from reuniting children with families to giving Junior Olympic athletes their shot at success.
She lives in the agricultural belly of California with her family and farm of horses, chickens, dogs and kittens aplenty.


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Immortal men like Rhys Glyndwr belong to forgotten fables—along with his reincarnating wife—but instead, they haunt the mind of a modern scientist, Isla Belle Thorne. Like an old blanket, visions of the healer servant and his wife, the daughter of a duke, have comforted Isla Belle, the only constant in her unstable childhood.
When her mother is hospitalized for a mental breakdown, Isla Belle fears for her own health and keeps the visions a secret. As Isla Belle starts her new job at a renowned medical organization, she comes face to face with Rhys—the same man from her visions.
She’s told an impossible tale of a love that death cannot kill. Surrounded by science but faced with an implausible legend, Isla Belle must decide what to believe and what to leave behind.


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Lady Isla Belle leaned against the window, the morning sun sharing its obnoxious, cheerful rays. There was little light in her room; she hid in plain

sight. She shifted her weight on the walking stick and kept her vigil. Last night, long after the castle had gone to bed, Rhys had left, his medical bag attached to the saddle. He had turned, casting a long look at her window, before disap‐pearing from the courtyard.


It was a turn in their usual dance, Isla Belle observing him instead of being watched. Isla Belle was continually aware of his presence, but lately, his gaze, his entire being was more intense. She touched her temple, remembering his lips on her skin. He had kissed her—and she’d thought of little else. 


I am Fee, a 30 -something SAHM bookworm! I love to read, and will read almost anything and everything. I am not afraid to try new genres of books and my main genre is horror, thriller.

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