[Review] Within (LZR-1143) by Bryan James

Within Book Cover Within
LZR-1143 #1.5
Bryan James
Horror, Zombie
October 25th 2012

No power. No news. No windows.

No help.

No hope.

In this 20,000 word novella, set in the infection-ravaged world of Bryan James' frightening and sobering universe of zombie mayhem, a normal night shift becomes a surreal test of courage, strength, and selflessness as an unknown illness takes hold of the country. Inside a reinforced bank office building, insulated from outside news for hours, the men and women inside work obliviously, unaware of the rising tide of horror.

As society outside crumbles, the power fails. Phone lines are down. Communication is impossible, and those trapped within know nothing of the world without.

Outside the single locked door, an incessant pounding punctuates the oppressive darkness of this modern catacomb, as the employees trapped inside struggle to understand what is happening.

But soon, they will be fighting to merely survive as they come face to face with the threat that appears from where they least expect it: within.

Within (LZR-1143)
by Bryan James


I love a good zombie book, and for all this is a novella and part of a series (this is book 1.5) it was easily read as a stand alone, and for it was short it gave me an idea of James world building.
Stuck in a windowless building where the power has gone sees everyone’s senses go on high alter whilst they try to work out what is going on on the outside.
The virus is bringing the dead back and they are inside the building. This was a short and suspenseful read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed as a wee change to what I have been reading currently.


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