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Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic fiction
Date Published: 1/1/2018
Publisher: Landmark Media
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When a wave of vicious attacks sweeps across London, there are reports of a beast on the loose. There are fears of a ripper stalking the streets.
But the truth is more terrifying than anyone wants to admit.
Werewolves are prowling the city. Hunting and killing.
Lycanthropy, a disease as old as humanity, now threatens to destroy civilization. With no cure, no vaccine, and millions of potential victims, it’s spreading through the capital at exponential rates. And every werewolf bite has just two possible outcomes – death or infection.
Only a tiny number of people have the insight to realize what is happening. But what will a young police woman, a group of teenagers and a computer nerd have to sacrifice in order to survive?
The werewolf apocalypse is here. And it’s only just beginning …
WOLF BLOOD is the first in the LYCANTHROPIC post-apocalyptic werewolf series. If you enjoy the zombie apocalypse, dystopian science fiction, horror, grimdark, dark fantasy, or multi-protagonist sagas, don’t miss out on the next big trend in apocalyptic fiction.
I absolutely loved this book! For so long Zombies have been dominating the apocalypse end of the world, that I loved this fresh take on it, and apart form the fact I love werewolf stories just added to it.
When a Professor discovers Lycanthropy and presents his findings to the medical world he becomes a laughing stock, so he and three students hole up in the Romanian mountains to continue their research, that is when things go horribly wrong for the Professor and the start of lycanthropy spreading.
I loved sitting back and watching how it all unfolded and how the disease was spread, whilst the country concentrated on sporadic “dog” attacks to it becoming a full blown emergency situation where the human race was faced with the choice – become a werewolf or die.
I can not wait to read more in this series, it had me gripped from the start!
About the Author

Steve Morris is the author of the Lycanthropic series. He used to be a nuclear physicist, but now he writes books about werewolves. He lives in Oxford, England
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